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May 31, 2010

“Who’s On First” & Avoiding Miscommunication

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The year was 2007.  The Los Angeles Dodgers needed an infielder, so they reached into their farm system and recalled Taiwanese player Chin-Lung Hu.  In a game against the San Diego Padres, the newest player singled, allowing Vin Scully to utter the greatest line in baseball broadcasting history: “And Hu’s on first.” Of course, that [...]

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May 25, 2010

LOST – Long Kiss Goodnight

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As a loyal LOSTie, I was excited and saddened to watch the finale.  Excited to see how it would end…and sad to see how it would end.  How can they wrap up six seasons of utter insanity in 180 minutes? I won’t recap the show here, but I do have some insight: The finale wasn’t [...]

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May 21, 2010

LOST is to social media as…

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[Note from Mike: The following is a guest post from NEW Buzz Contributor Andi Narvaez!  Click the Contributors tab above to learn more about her!  She currently is petitioning me to change the site's name to "Da Buzz."  I'll take it under advisement.] LOST is to social media as… how many times can you jump [...]


May 20, 2010

Don’t Insult Your Customer

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Customer relations and public relations are very, very similar.  Really, the only difference is that PR is meant to reach a general population, whereas in customer relations, the population has greater definition – your customers! The core mission of both is to keep your audience engaged, informed and happy. Recently, I had dinner at one [...]

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May 18, 2010

Does PR Need a Theme Song?

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Theme songs.  Every TV show has one.  Heck, every WWE Superstar has one!  And, be honest with yourself, you want one, too.  Imagine every time you walk into a room the same song played, heralding your arrival and alerting potential enemies that they’d better step correct.  How frickin’ cool would that be? (For the record, [...]

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May 13, 2010

For My Birthday…

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Thanks everyone for the firestorm of birthday wishes!  I feel the love, for sure For my birthday this year, I don’t need any presents.  What I would like is for you to look into some of my favorite charitable causes.  I’m not asking you to donate, just read up on a few of these organizations. [...]

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May 11, 2010

PR Pro or…Male Cheerleader?

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I play skeeball. Yes, I know that you play skeeball, too. At arcades, on the boardwalk. But I actually play in a league (**NERD ALERT**). Actually, it’s just like any rec sport league: you play the game, then you enjoy the fantastic food and/or beverage specials at the sponsoring establishment. The stress is unimaginable.  I [...]

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May 6, 2010

Lady GaGa vs. Ace of Base

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Lady GaGa’s new single, Alejandro, sounds a little familiar, doesn’t it? You be the judge:  2  3

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May 3, 2010

Top 16 Favorite Cover Songs

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I’ve always been fascinated with cover songs – when one artist does their version of a song another made famous. For me, seeking out covers has  exposed me to new songs and artists,  and even new genres of music.  A new slant on an old song shows creativity and artistry, and says as much about [...]


May 2, 2010

PR Internships 101

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The Who, What and Why of Internships Guest Post by Kayla Stevens As a student, you sometimes don’t realize how much “real world” experience can help you, before you actually need it. This is where internships come into play. Unfortunately, now internships have become the center of negative discussion within large companies and ambitious students [...]