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May 25, 2010

LOST – Long Kiss Goodnight

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As a loyal LOSTie, I was excited and saddened to watch the finale.  Excited to see how it would end…and sad to see how

From Season 3, a major turning point in LOST

it would end.  How can they wrap up six seasons of utter insanity in 180 minutes?

I won’t recap the show here, but I do have some insight:

The finale wasn’t about finishing the story, it was about saying goodbye to the characters.

Every major character (and some minor ones, too) got a moment to shine, as their shift-sideways selves “woke up” to realize who they really were – and more important, what they had to do.

We saw the joy in Sun’s eyes when she realized this wasn’t her first sonogram.

Wiping away a stream of tears, we all watched the reunion of Claire, Charlie and Aaron.

We saw Juliet and Sawyer inadvertently touch, triggering their past to come to the present.

For whatever reason, Sayid and Shannon came back to each other (I hated their relationship!  Where’s Nadia???)

Star-crossed lovers Penny and Desmond were together at the end.

Even Charlotte played a bit role in the proceedings.

Ben realized his sins, and needed more time to work everything out.

We saw Jack struggle with the realization that everyone else took to so easily.

The story on the island seemed secondary to the reunion of the castaways.

Did it make sense?  Not really.

But, it was the reward for putting up with those six seasons of insanity.

Many questions were answered, some were left to interpretation (like, why show the Oceanic remains?), but at the end of the show, we saw the characters at peace with themselves, reunited with the ones they love, ready to take one more journey together.

And isn’t that enough?

Despite the Man in Black dying, despite the world being saved, despite Hurley and Ben serving as the new Jacob and Richard, this didn’t feel like a finale…it felt like a long kiss goodnight.

See you in another life, LOST.

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  • William
    For fear of sounding like a bumbling idiot, the finale was almost perfect. The naysayers....and there are LOTS out there....are probably the people who keep "Two and a Half Men" high in the ratings. "Lost" answered questions and proved theories WITHOUT overstating the obvious...and if you were not watching close enough, you missed it! I can list dozens and dozens of moving and poignant and brilliant examples of writing and creativity. Strong religious overtones, yet never 'in your face'. It was amazing!!!

    Now it's back to thoughtless laugh-tracks and reality TV....Say it ain't so, Joe!!??
  • OnlinePRNews
    Mike, I couldn't agree more! I have watched (and re-watched sometimes!) every second of LOST! and despite my preoccupation with the numbers, the mythology and the science, the finale was a poignant reminder as to what is truly important. It isn't about the nitty-gritty details of life -- it's about WHO you spend your life with.

    I am sad to see it go. Trying to solve LOST!'s many mysteries was quite fun -- and I absolutely loved the way it brought so many people together, bridging the gaps when the show wasn't airing. I will not soon forget it! -- Tara
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