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July 6, 2010

When Doves and Internets Cry

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Iconic musician and noted weirdo Prince has officially either become the smartest man on the planet, or is continuing his lifelong assault on common sense.  (Remember, this is the dude that changed his name to a symbol.) He said the following to The Mirror: The internet’s completely over. I don’t see why I should give [...]


July 2, 2010

My Favorite Thing Ever (This Week – July 2, 2010)

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This morning, I let the cat out of the bag by telling a few fine folks (@amylizmartin and @shonali) about my lifelong dream of singing an acoustic version of “Baby Got Back” on American Idol. @HeldInContempt did a MAJOR solid by sharing this version from the great Jonathan Coulton…so now I share it with you: [...]

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June 28, 2010

Summer Destressification Guide

The integrated marketing industry (PR, marketing, advertising, social media and the rest) comes with a high price tag of stress. We feel it from all directions: clients, colleagues, competition, family, friends. The stakes are high – big-brands have an enormous responsibility, but smaller brand marketers often have individual’s hopes and dreams riding on campaigns. So, [...]

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June 14, 2010

Live Music Mixtape #1

There is something magical about live music.  Whether it’s “plugged” or “unplugged,” each performance is raw, unique and special.  So to get your week started, here is an array of some fantastic live performances! 1 – Journey “Open Arms” 2 – Seal “Crazy” 3 – Tracy Chapman “Give Me One Reason” 4 – Metallica “Enter [...]

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June 7, 2010

Cole’s #12for12k Concert

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[Note from Mike: The following guest post is from my good friend and OFFICIAL Buzz Kids Reporter, Cole.  He's only 3 years old, but he has an amazing understanding of the importance of giving to others.  You can see below that Cole and I share a passion for snow angels, but I had no idea [...]

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May 18, 2010

Does PR Need a Theme Song?

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Theme songs.  Every TV show has one.  Heck, every WWE Superstar has one!  And, be honest with yourself, you want one, too.  Imagine every time you walk into a room the same song played, heralding your arrival and alerting potential enemies that they’d better step correct.  How frickin’ cool would that be? (For the record, [...]

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May 6, 2010

Lady GaGa vs. Ace of Base

Tags: , alejandro, don't turn around, lady gaga

Lady GaGa’s new single, Alejandro, sounds a little familiar, doesn’t it? You be the judge:  2  3

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May 3, 2010

Top 16 Favorite Cover Songs

Tags: alien ant farm, , andrew garcia, Boyce Avenue, chris cornell, chris daughtry, david cook, dynamite hack, glen hansard, janis joplin, jason mraz, jeff buckley, jimi hendrix, johnny cash, kris allen, , muse, nirvana, over the rainbow, seether, smashing pumpkins, whitney houston

I’ve always been fascinated with cover songs – when one artist does their version of a song another made famous. For me, seeking out covers has  exposed me to new songs and artists,  and even new genres of music.  A new slant on an old song shows creativity and artistry, and says as much about [...]

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March 18, 2010

Rick Astley & Social Media

Tags: never gonna give you up, , rick astley,

You won’t admit it publicly, but it’s OK.  I’ll take care of it. You LOVE Rick Astley. No shame in it.  Great pop artist from the 1980s who, despite being the punchline for countless jokes has always seemed like an easy-going, play-along-with-it kinda guy. His most famous song, of course, is “Never Gonna Give You [...]

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March 9, 2010

Ultimate Stuck-In-Your-Head Mixtape

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For the past few months, I’ve tweeted “Stuck In Your Head” songs of the day.  These are the tunes that somehow get stuck between your ears and hang out there for an eternity.  You may HATE the song, but it’s there.  Nothing you can do about it.  So just enjoy the music and let is [...]