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July 13, 2010

4 Reasons Old Spice is Better Than You

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Let’s get this out of the way: soap is not inherently “cool.”

Marketers have been trying to shove personality into stuff that removes body odor and makes you smell vaguely reminiscent of something, be it a river in Ireland or an iceberg in Antarctica.

However, Old Spice hit the jackpot this week with their new series of video responses to Tweets, YouTube comments, articles and blog posts.

Take a look at one:

(You can view the rest on the )

Here are 4 reasons this campaign is brilliant:

1) Character: The star is Isaiah Mustafa, who is also the pitchman in the current TV campaign Old Spice is running.  Having him record these spots shows that this initiative is important to the company.

2) Instant: Each video has the same talent, costume (as it were) and set, with limited props.  They are all also less than :60 each, so incredibly quick to film and turnaround.  Shot with a single camera and no special effects, the only reason they would need multiple takes is if Mustafa busts out laughing on set, which I’m sure happened more than a few times.  With the quick production time, the video can be relevant and timely.

3) Funny: The writing is incredible.  Pitch-perfect for the character…full of wit, double entendres, and complete over-the-top arrogance.

4) Viral: Every video is housed on YouTube and can be instantly shared across multiple platforms.  Users can embed it in blogs (see above!), so the YouTube video gets the views while people share it around the world.  And because they have the TV star in a short, funny manner, people WANT to share it!

Obviously, I’m a fan…but what is your opinion on this campaign?

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  • OnlinePRNews
    I am in love with these ads -- especially the immediate replies to Twitter and FB messages. I would really like to see how the campaign has impacted their sales. I know my husband has a bottle of Old Spice shower gel in our shower -- and if it weren't for this campaign, there is no way he would have bought it. My dad always wore Old Spice, so I always considered it to be an "older" guy's scent. I think this new campaign has completely changed the demographic of who is buying the product! -- Tara
  • MattLaCasse
    Absolutely love this campaign, and really, Old Spice's entire marketing strategy. The ads done by Tim and Eric are just as ridiculous and over the top as the "I'm On A Horse" campaign. It paints the whole company with a kind of goofy, fun-loving attitude that draws attention every time a new ad is launched.
  • F'in brilliant. Love how they've done this. Other than Nike's World Cup ads, this is the coolest things I've seen all year...maybe even cooler.
  • Mike, the immediacy of this is brilliant and it displays a solid example of personality for any otherwise unfunny product. Simplicity and good writing win again. Thanks for sharing this.
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