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May 11, 2010

PR Pro or…Male Cheerleader?

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I play skeeball. Yes, I know that you play skeeball, too. At arcades, on the boardwalk. But I actually play in a league

Lochmiel, Spartan Spirit does NOT come in an easy-to-swallow capsule!

(**NERD ALERT**). Actually, it’s just like any rec sport league: you play the game, then you enjoy the fantastic food and/or beverage specials at the sponsoring establishment.

The stress is unimaginable.  I was the final roller with the game on the line.  I nearly needed a change of pants!  (No worries, I kept it in.  I can handle my stuff.  But it was a close one.)

Each game, the host awards one team with 20 bonus points if they show the most spirit.

Being the competitive guy (and uncoordinated athlete) I am, I was NOT going to let those points go to the other team.  I started cheers referencing our team name (Skeebie Jeebies.  Not my call.), our team color (brown – let the UPS jokes commence) and individuals on the team.

The host was so taken aback by my “Spartan Spirit” that he asked me if I was “a male cheerleader in high school.”

My initial reaction was to engage my wife in some PDA, just in case he got the wrong impression of me.

I responded with the truth – I was a bar mitzvah DJ in high school and a radio DJ in college – and NEVER a cheerleader.  Satisfied with that answer, we got the points, I didn’t mess my pants and the Skeebie Jeebies won the game.

But it got me thinking –  all of our experiences help get us where we are today.

For me, the time I spent in radio has been a tremendous asset in my PR career.  Public speaking is a major part of the job and that experience in my past prepared me for it perfectly.

The question for you: What past experience has been most helpful in your PR/social media career?

(And, yes, I’ve been waiting my entire life to use Jim Carrey’s Lochmiel foreign-exchange cheerleader in a blog.)

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  • Great Post! Everyone loves Skeeball. Where is this league in NYC and why am I not on it?
    I absolutely believe that my experience acting in theatre has been the most helpful to me. I have no fear contacting new media sources, brainstorming with colleagues, keeping positive in negative situations and taking the lead on a project if need be.
  • elliebrown1
    First, love the post! I was not a cheerleader myself, but being on organized teams all my life has really helped hone those "teamwork" skills PR professionals need to rely on so much of the time. And second, where can I find out about this skeeball league because that is amazing. I've been gearing up for professional skeeball since Chuck E Cheese.
  • stephmajercik
    I love this! (And there is nothing wrong with being a male cheerleader if you had been one haha) I was a cheerleader in high school and I definitely would credit a lot of what I've learned from that experience among other experiences I've had as I've gone through school. It just goes to show you that all our different experiences can help us in numerous ways!
  • I loved this! Such a crack up, but I get the point. We are often the team/company/product cheerleaders and sometimes, unfortunately, we get treated like cheerleaders, instead of business people. Now, I personally was too dorky to be on the cheer squad (I was on the much less cool dance team) and I would have thought I had died and gone to heaven if I had gotten to wear one of those red skirts on game days (Go South Salem Saxons!). My point being, I think the yearning I felt for cheer-leading was really a budding PR Pro inside saying, I can lead you, I can show you the way, I have the confidence to stand up and say (yell, cheer, chant) what needs to be said to get ya'll on your feet and psyched. PR is a lot like cheer-leading. It looks a lot easier than it is and we're ridiculed until we bring home the shinny trophy. So my answer: not being a cheer-leader prepared me for my career (that and a great internship and some really smart professors).
  • jasonmollica
    GREAT post, Mike!
    My past career in television and radio has helped me immensely in PR and in building my social media profile. Enterprising stories in television, in turn, assists in building your pitching confidence. I'm also not "intimidated" by the media when they may get snarky about something. I've now been on both sides.

    Oh, and I was a college radio DJ too. Probably some of the most fun times in my life. I still lead into "On Bended Knee" by Boyz II Men saying, "The number one song on the countdown..." Ok, maybe not. :)
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