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July 30, 2009

Fixing @Aerocles' Avatar

After much deliberation and discussion, @Aerocles photoshopped the image of an adult beverage with choice hops out of his Twitter avatar. My question: What takes it’s place?  1  1        

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Top 10 American Idol Performances

Tags: adam lambert, , chris daughtry, david archuleta, david cook, kris allen, lakisha jones

So there is some Buzz around American Idol as they gear up for the upcoming season.  Got me thinking about the best performances on the show’s history.  Now, I didn’t watch the first few seasons, but have been hooked for the majority of the show’s run at this point.  I am 100% sure that I [...]

Video of the Day

July 29, 2009

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure!

Tags: bill and ted

One of our company’s interns reminds me of the illicit love child of Bill S. Preston (Esquire) and Ted (Theodore) Logan.  I made him watch this today.  The scary part – he was born AFTER one of my all-time favorite movies was released and that made me feel extremely old. [youtube=]  1  1     [...]

Declaration of Fandependence,Sports

Your Declarations of Fandependence (Part 2!)

Tags: babe ruth, derek jeter, joe dimaggio, mets, mickey mantle, mlb, nyc, nym, nyy, robinson cano, Sports, yankee stadium, yankees

NOTE FROM MIKE: If you ever doubted my ability to blog down-the-middle, here ya go.  As I presented last week, I bleed Orioles orange and black.  And here I go, posting an ode to the hated Yankees!  I feel a little dirty about it, but Meghan’s good people and I’m an equal-opportunity blogger.   And [...]


July 28, 2009

Trading The Orioles 25-Man Roster

Tags: Baltimore Orioles, mlb, orioles, Sports, trading deadline

Here’s a look and one-line synopsis on each member of the roster, as we roll towards the trading deadline. Pitchers: Matt Albers – Young guy, acquired in a trade…solid middle reliever Danys Baez – TRADE BAIT!   Brian Bass – Bullpen MVP, don’t lose him! Brad Bergeson – Where did this guy come from?  Should [...]

Video of the Day

The Late, Great Mitch Hedberg

Tags: mitch hedberg

Mitch Hedburg was one of my all-time favorite comedians, even before he passed away several years ago.  This isn’t meant to be a tribute to his life, but a collection of his jokes for some laughs.  Pass it on, share a smile, and remember one of the true comedy greats. [youtube=] [youtube=] [youtube=] My Favorite [...]


July 27, 2009

Fair or Not, Vick Reinstatement is Right

Tags: dogfighting, michael vick, nfl, roger goodell, Sports

Countless reports have flooded the Internet today that the NFL will conditionally reinstate Michael Vick. Before I get into analysis, let me get my biases out of the way: 1) I am a passionate Baltimore Ravens fan.   2) I have supported Ray Lewis is his return to the playing field after his murder trial. [...]


July 24, 2009

My Life According to Dave Matthews Band

Tags: dave matthews band, dmb,

Using only song names from one artist, cleverly answer these questions. Post your version as a comment.  You can’t use the band I used. Do not repeat a song title. It’s a lot harder than you think! Band: Dave Matthews Band 1) Are you a male or female? Spaceman 2) Describe yourself: Proudest Monkey 3) [...]


Are CLIENTS Ready For Twitter-Sized Releases?

Tags: muck rack, , PR advice, PR tips,

Earlier this week, Jennifer Van Grove over at the awesome Mashable site wrote about Muck Rack and how they are offering a Twitter-based press release distribution service.  The basic premise of the piece is asking if media and PR pros are open to the new method (with a $50 per-character price tag). I think that, [...]

Declaration of Fandependence,Sports

July 23, 2009

Your Declarations of Fandependence (Part 1)

Tags: basketball, Declaration of Fandependence, football, gators, len bias, terps, university of florida, university of maryland

Submissions are flying in! Check out the original post here for more information.  (Briefly, I asked you to tell me who your favorite team was and why…but definitely read the post!) Here are two terrific Declarations of Fandependence: From Tom Oates (), videographer extraordinaire!   We’re Americans; we love a comeback story. No college team [...]