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July 28, 2009

Trading The Orioles 25-Man Roster

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Here’s a look and one-line synopsis on each member of the roster, as we roll towards the trading deadline.


Matt Albers – Young guy, acquired in a trade…solid middle reliever

Danys Baez – TRADE BAIT!  

Brian Bass – Bullpen MVP, don’t lose him!

Brad Bergeson – Where did this guy come from?  Should be 2nd or 3rd starter next year.

Jason Berken – Young, disappointing, but seems to have had bad luck.

Jeremy Guthrie – Discouraging year so far, but looks to be slowly regaining form

David Hernandez – He’s improved every start…something good going on here!

Rich Hill – Well, he’s hurt.  Horrible, horrible year.

(Bonus: Chris Tillman – The Future is Now!  Top prospect scheduled to start Wednesday!!!!! – Rotation includes Tillman, Hernandez and Bergeson, with Matusz and Arrieta on the way!)

Jim Johnson – Main set-up guy…could be the closer down the line.

Cla Meredith – So far, so good for the newest acquisition.  I hated losing Salazar, but there wasn’t much for him to do in Baltimore.  Coming off the bench for an NL team is the way to go for the versatile player.

George Sherrill – Dear Andy MacPhail, Getting Sherrill in the Erik Bedard trade was genius.  He’s been an All-Star, dominant closer for the club for two years.  However, his greatest value to the team right now is as part of a trade bringing back a young 3B and a prospect or three.  You specialize in making teams overpay for players at their peak, just beginning to slide downhill.  Do it again!  Love, Mike.


Matt Wieters – His bat has started to heat up and he looks more comfortable at and behind the plate.  The kid is showing why he belongs.

Greg Zaun – Zaunie’s name has popped up in trade rumors, especially with his bat heating up playing twice a week.  I’d prefer that he stays, but if there is an unrefusable offer…


Robert Andino – Keep this guy!  He’s on the way up.  Looked solid filling in for Izturis.

Aubrey Huff – I’m sure 93% of the phone calls into the Warehouse involve Mr. Huff.  He should be a part of this team for several more years.  Even if he doesn’t like Baltimore all that much.

Caesar Izturis – He’s the starter.  Keep him.  He hasn’t been outstanding, though.

Melvin Mora – It’s been widely rumored that he isn’t coming back next year after nearly a decade in Charm City.  Try to trade him to a contender, maybe paired with Sherrill?

Brian Roberts – Heart and soul of the team.  B-Rob’s been better after the break, and I feel a tear coming on.

Ty Wigginton – His versatility makes him a key member of the roster.  He can play all 4 infield positions and hit pretty darn well.


Adam Jones – Superstar in the making.  He’s a beast.  Needs to fine-tune his fielding, but that’s nitpicking.

Nick Markakis – Becoming much more of an offensive leader this season.  He’s a 25 HR/ 120 RBI guy.  He just signed a long-term deal and started a foundation.

Felix Pie – The most curious case since Benjamin Button…but what do you DO with this guy?  His fielding and hitting have come around lately with more playing time.  He’s a 4th outfielder…and that appears to be his ceiling for the time being.  

Nolan Reimold – The Buzz Man-Crush! (go to the search bar, and look for man crush…you’ll find it!)  What a great rookie year for the kid.  After an absolute torrid start, he slowed down, but over the past week or so, he’s been hitting much better and stealing some bases, too.  Reimold, Jones, Markakis is the infield for several years.

Luke Scott – Luke is a LF/DH on a team that has LF set for a long time.  Thus, he’s primarily a DH.  The good thing is that the DH role can be passed around, giving the team maximum flexibility, since they aren’t hiding a bad fielder in the slot.  He probably has high trade value, but should stay in Baltimore.


OK, all that being said, here are the names I consider “on the block:”

- Baez

- Sherrill

- Mora

- Huff

- Zaun

- Pie

- Albers

Remember, you have to give quality (or at least perceived quality) to get quality.

We’re 3 days away and the Orioles are set to be players…let it ride, MacPhail!  Let it ride!

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