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July 24, 2009

Are CLIENTS Ready For Twitter-Sized Releases?

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Earlier this week, Jennifer Van Grove over at the awesome Mashable site wrote about Muck Rack and how they are offering a Twitter-based press release distribution service.  The basic premise of the piece is asking if media and PR pros are open to the new method (with a $50 per-character price tag).

I think that, yes, media and PR types are willing to adopt this, if they feel it is beneficial.  Heck, in just a few short years (relatively), we went from hand-delivery t0 snail mail to fax machines to e-mail to blast e-mail services.  I know from my PR college classes nearly a decade ago that the old guard still hadn’t accepted e-mail as the wave of the future.  So to come this far this quickly is actually quite remarkable.

Us communicators will use use ANY tool possible to…well…communicate!

The flip side to this discussion is whether CLIENTS are open to adopting a new, shorter system.

News releases have been a major tool in branding and messaging, their way to directly tell media what they are doing.  How many hours have we all poured over releases, tweaking words to make sure our clients are represented in the BEST way possible?  

Will clients be OK with losing that content that they 100% control?

I’m of the mind that Tweet-releases are a passing fad.  At the end of the day, PR is about messaging and if you lose the messaging, you lose a major component of the industry.  Some companies may think it’s cool for now, but in a few weeks/months, they will once again want to cram as much information as possible into a release.

What do you think?

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