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July 29, 2009

Your Declarations of Fandependence (Part 2!)

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NOTE FROM MIKE: If you ever doubted my ability to blog down-the-middle, here ya go.  As I presented last week, I bleed Orioles orange and black.  And here I go, posting an ode to the hated Yankees!  I feel a little dirty about it, but Meghan’s good people and I’m an equal-opportunity blogger.   And definitely check out her MumboJumbo blog, link below!  Always a good read!

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So read Meghan’s story of falling for the New York Yankees! (grumble, grumble)


Declaration of Fandependence: New York Yankees

Guest Blog by Meghan Butler

I have a confession to make. Long before I ever entered Yankee Stadium and caught Jeter-Fever. Before I saw the power of the pinstripes and knew the history of the Bronx Bombers, I was ….

The Day Meghan Became a Yankees Fan

The Day Meghan Became a Yankees Fan

…a Mets fan.

I know. I’ve been told many times that you “can’t switch teams!!” but let me explain: I am a New York fan through and through. One of my first professional photo shoots as a 6-month-old was in full Giants Regalia (yes everyone thought I was a boy, that’s what you get for being the only girl in a family of four kids). Whenever I was asked to name my MLB team, I’d say, “I’m a New York fan but in the Subway Series, I’m a Mets girl.” How could I not be? I am a big fan of going against the grain if only for the hell of it and it seems that everyone in the Tri-State area is a Yankees fan – even if they can’t name more than a few players on the team. Although, some to think of it, unless you live under a rock, the NYC metropolitan area is Yankee-Central, but I digress.

Anyway, my Yankees fandom started one year on my birthday. My best friend (a Mets fan) was able to get free tickets to a Yankees game and being a recent college grad, I was not about to turn down free anything.

What came next was a spiritual sports fan awakening. Walking into the House that Ruth Built, the excitement was palpable and the history that was seemingly infused into the concrete walls of the stadium was undeniable. In a sea of blue and white, I stood

"Robbie Cano hit that homer because he wanted to jog around the bases. Because, you know, he’s so lazy." - Mike Axisa FiverAveBlues (

"Robbie Cano hit that homer because he wanted to jog around the bases. Because, you know, he’s so lazy." - Mike Axisa FiverAveBlues (

a little straighter and walked with a bit more pride under my borrowed Number 2 jersey.


I don’t remember who the Yanks were playing, but it wasn’t the Mets so I obviously rooted for the Yankees that game. Sitting up in the third tier over home plate, I’ve never felt more proud to be a New Yorker in my life. And I also realized that the Yankees were my team.

I realize that there are many things to criticize about the team. They spend an un-godly amount of money. Their players may or may not use steroids. Said players may or may not have dated a certain Queen of Pop at some point. But I can honestly say, once you go Yanks, you never go back. They’re just an amazing source of history and pride. I’ve been to the new stadium a handful of times and visited the museum. It gives me goosey-pimples to see the signatures of all the MLB greats – DiMaggio, Mantle, Ruth. These are the guys who made baseball an American past-time. If you hate the Yankees, that’s fine, I get it –I used to too. And believe me, I know Yankee Stadium is expensive. I absolutely hate paying $12 for a BudLite. However, you have to respect them for being one of the best teams throughout baseball history. This season is a perfect example. To go from a mediocre season peppered with tabloid scandals to an 8-game winning streak and placing first, 2 ½ games ahead of their rivals, the Red Sox is nothing short of amazing.

So scorn me if you must, I won’t hold it against you but the Yankees are my team and I’ll gladly pay $75 for a ticket to see them whoop the Red Sox this season. Afterall, if Teixiera is allowed to hop from the Red Sox to the Yankees, switching my Declaration of Fandependence from the Mets to the Yankees isn’t so bad.

 Meghan is a Marketing Coordinator in New York. She graduated with her degree in Journalism from SUNY New Paltz and is a rabid sports fan. Find her at her personal blog, MegsMumboJumbo or on Twitter

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