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May 31, 2009

PR Buzz – Everybody's Watching!

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This is an exciting time to work in PR! While traditional media may be having their well-documented troubles (no need to go over them here), the advent of social media has opened up an entire new realm for us to play in!
We Facebook friend reporters, follow celebrities on Twitter and try to be our [...]

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May 30, 2009

Song of the Day – "Just Close Your Eyes"

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Before Christian left WWE several years ago for a run with TNA, he had perhaps the sweetest theme song in quite some time, “Just Close Your Eyes” by a small indie band called Waterproof Blonde. Haunting, catchy, just a great, great song.
However, as previously mentioned, Christian left WWE for about 3 years.
When he returned, [...]


Can You Feel It?

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I can feel it in the air tonight…can you?
While it is easy to overlook a 7-2 Baltimore Orioles win over the Detroit Tigers as a late-May hot streak continuing, it was so much more than that.
There was an electricity in Camden Yards tonight that was easy to feel even watching on MASN.
Matt Wieters arrived in [...]

Video of the Day, Wrestling

May 29, 2009

Great Moment in Wrestling History – Macho Man Reunites with Miss Elizabeth

Growing up as a child of the 1980s, all kids had to take sides: your favorite wrestler was either @RealMachoMan or @RealHulkHogan.
Well, when Macho Man turned on Hulk Hogan leading up to Wrestlemania V (THE MEGA POWERS COLLIDE!!!), he lost almost all of his fans.  He was now a hated villain, even dropping his [...]

Deep Thoughts, Uncategorized

Deep Thoughts…by Mike Schaffer

Button Fly jeans are very stylish.
Button Fly jeans are not that helpful when you have to pee.


Sports Buzz – The "Man-Crush"

OK, ladies.  I’m going to let you in on a secret.  One of the deepest, darkest secrets men have: The Man-Crush (sports edition).
We pretend to be as macho as can be while watching sports…it’s true.  Sure, we have favorite players and we high-five each other and drink beer and burp/fart/emit other bodily gases with glee. [...]

Balki, Pets

It's Doggie Day! (Meet Balki)

Today is that special day that comes around every so often — Doggie Day at BWF Communications!
Staff members bring their pups to galavant around the office while we try to get work done.
In honor of that, let me introduce you to Balki.
Marisa and I adopted Balki Bartokomous Levy Schaffer when he was just seven weeks [...]

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May 28, 2009

Song of the Day – Kings of Leon "Use Somebody"

I first came across the Kings of Leon in 2003 or 2004 when we played several of their songs on WICB-FM in Ithaca (congrats on the college radio station of the year award!)
Since then, they have fine-tuned their act.  Marisa (my fiance) took me to see them at the famed 9:30 Club last year and they [...]


PR Buzz: Social Media – Bringing Us Closer Together?

I’m sure you are a lot like me in that you have “connected” with a vast array of people using social media.  They tend to fall into the following categories:
- Blast-from-the-past friends you haven’t seen since high school or earlier
- Co-workers
- Clients/business associates
- Family
- People you would like to know or know better for a variety [...]

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Morning Buzz – Reimold's Walk-Off

I know I wrote about my beloved Baltimore Orioles yesterday, but I am definitely still buzzing about rookie outfielder Nolan Reimold’s game-winning walk-off 3-run homer in the 11th inning.
Check it out:
Read more about the improbable comeback capped by the young outfielder from the two most entertaining baseball writers I know, Peter Schmuck and Roch Kubatko.
Take [...]