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February 8, 2010

Come on, Get HAPPO!

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OK, PR Pros, let’s be honest with each other for a few minutes.  How many times have you told someone you’d let them know about any job opportunities that you hear about?  It could be a former intern, someone you are mentoring or even a peer out of work.

And how many of those promises went unfulfilled?  More than we’d all like to say.

Every year, I interact with countless interns, college students and recent graduates looking to break into the industry.  Some of them are exceptional.

Like .  I first met Heather several years ago when she interned with my company, and we literally bought the entire produce department from a local Costco for a 10k race on her first day.  It’s a long story.  But it didn’t take me long to see that she has what it takes to be a PR pro.

Here is her story, in her own words

I attended the University of Maryland, College Park, graduating with a degree in Communication with concentrations in public relations and design. While in college I was the Director of Marketing for a university-based club called the Undergraduate Communication Association (UCA); the only undergraduate student chosen amongst professors to vote on policy issues in the Communication Department; a member of PRSSA; and a published writer/editor for UMD publication, The Communicator. I held two internships: one with PR firm, Brotman Winter Fried and another for CBS Radio.

Currently, as a member of the Public Relations Society of America as well as the National Communication Association I am incredibly active in my field. During my second internship I was hired as a promotional specialist for WJFK 106.7 which really catapulted my career. There I met a local television personality that recommended me for a popular newsletter, The Scene Bisnow, where I am currently employed as a reporter. I love the flexibility of journalism and will most likely continue to freelance as a reporter however I am still looking for something full-time.

My ideal career is in public relations, specifically for a large production company. I love the fast paced nature of the field in that every day is guaranteed different. I believe my personality fits this career to a ‘T’. I am extremely reliable, energetic, respectful, and hardworking in the sense that I will not stop until a task is not only finished but done correctly and with class.

Heather’s story is not atypical in this post “Great Recession” reality.  PR and marketing were among the first cuts when budgets tightened.  She is fighting to launch her career.

Helping emerging superstars-of-tomorrow like Heather break into the industry is the main reason I joined the Help A PR Pro Out project.

The good news for those looking for jobs is that the network of pros is out there and energized to help (thanks to a brilliant swift kick in the caboose from community leaders Arik Hanson and Valerie Simon!).

Pros from around North America have donated their time and talents to connect job seekers with job openings. On Friday, February 19, the Pros will Tweet job openings and help facilitate matches, from 10am-2pm CT.  Here is a list of the terrific team:

  • (Atlanta)
  • (Atlanta)
  • (Boston)
  • (Southern CA)
  • (Chicago)
  • (Dallas/Fort Worth)
  • (Dallas/Fort Worth)
  • (Kansas City)
  • (Minneapolis/ St. Paul)
  • (New York Metro)
  • (New York Metro)
  • (New York Metro)
  • (Ohio)
  • (Toronto)
  • (Washington, DC)

A number of other super generous folks in the Twitterverse who will be supporting HAPPO in various ways, including Sarah Evans, Dave Fleet, , David Mullen, Shonali Burke, Rachel Kay and a few others.  You can also connect with the HAPPO team on !

And for those here in the Nation’s Capital, we have developed an excellent group of local industry leaders (listed in no particular order):


- The aforementioned


- of the organization (Learn more about their upcoming lunch Wednesday, Feb. 17 with , discussing Jumping the Generational Gap, at their website.)





- …and the list is growing!  If you wish to be a part of this network, just Tweet #HAPPODC or reach out to me though a comment here or on .

So please get the word out, no matter what city you may live in!  Use the #HAPPO hashtag to communicate with this growing group of pros, agencies and job-seekers.  Hopefully, we can work together to grow our industry and place deserving candidates in awesome jobs!

For more information about the Feb. 19th event, please visit

  • Hi Mike, I'd be happy to help in any way I can. Count me in for the Friday #HAPPO. In addition, we are looking for 3 prospective employees in NY. Details on our website -

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