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February 12, 2010


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Don’t know about HAPPO?  Click here!

Calling all Washington, DC, (and Maryland and Virginia) PR pros, agencies, and job-seekers!

With a MAJOR thanks to and we are proud to announce:

The First Ever DC HAPPO HOUR!!

Margie was very kind to allow us to join in with the DC Flacks February Meetup event on Tuesday, Feb. 16th at the District Chophouse in Washington!

Please click here for all of the details.

For registration purposes, please join the DC Flacks group and RSVP for the event. DC Flacks is a TERRIFIC group that all DC folks should be a part of anyway!

No matter if you are a seeker or a hirer, come ready to meet some amazing people!

I’ll be there—and so should you!

(By the by, I highly recommend Margie’s site,

  • So thrilled we're joining forces! HAPPO lovers, DC Flacks welcomes you!
  • stephmajercik
    Sounds like fun! Wish I could be there!
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