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January 15, 2010

Your PR Advice For “Gilbert Arenas”

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Let’s play a game.  Totally fictitious situation.

You’re a publicist and you represent a second-tier NBA superstar.  Not a LeBron or Kobe, but one notch below.  Still a major player in the game.  Let’s call him, just for fun, “Gilbert Arenas.”

And let’s say that “Gilbert Arenas” just plead guilty to felonious gun possession in Washington, DC, Superior Court.

And let’s just say that the judge would not sentance “Gilbert Arenas” for 2 1/2 months.

What would you do?

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  • citygirlblogs
    Good question!

    1) He should start speaking in schools and to the media, sincerely apologizing for what he did and discussing why it was wrong;
    2) Like Jason suggested, he should get involved with some program related to a) gun control/regulations; b) gun safety; or c) gun buyback;
    3) He needs to rebrand himself. I was a fan of Agent Zero, but always found it odd that the team came together more when he was injured. His "locker room clown" antics were juvenile at best. Arenas needs to man up, show some contrition, get involved in the community, and spend his down time doing something (basketball clinics or outreach to younger teams and players) to let the NBA and his fans know that he loves and misses the game!
  • I agree. He should essentially do what Michael Vick should've done. He needs to participate in a gun control/buyback program through community service initiatives. He may even want to look into creating his own charity that works towards removing guns from the streets.

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  • tommytommytommy
    Um, join the Italian league and tell the NBA and Stern to go ef themselves.
  • jasonmollica
    I would have him sponsor a gun buyback program. For every gun turned in, Arenas should donate funds to a charitable org. Since the situation in Haiti is in the forefront, have him donate money to the Red Cross.
    Second, he should give tickets away to kids who's parents were killed in gun violence. He needs to show that he's serious about clearing the slate.
  • Agree with most of the previous comments. He has 2 1/2 months, where he won't be playing or practicing, to involve himself in as many charitable endeavors as possible. If I was his pr person I would focus almost all of them on helping kids and explaining the dangers of guns.

    I'm in Baltimore and Mike is in DC, there may not be two better markets in the country where an athlete can help educate kids on the dangers of guns, and how they can destroy your life. This is where his impact needs to be.

    As much as this pains me as a PR person, I also would not come right out of the gate driving a ton of media to what he's doing. Gilbert has a credibility issue right now and a problem proving he takes this seriously, so needs to prove he's genuine first. He can't appear to be doing this strictly for the photo opps, it's time to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty.

    The media will find out and they will come when the time is right.
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