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November 17, 2009

PR Buzz – Don't Be Like The Ultimate Warrior

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Growing up in the 1980s and early 1990s, one of my favorite professional wrestlers was the Ultimate Warrior.

Not familiar?  Take a look:


You can see why a little kid would be magnetized to him.  Action figure physique, off-the-charts intensity, frenetic energy…a really fun presentation.

But at the end of the day, the Ultimate Warrior was an extended flash in the pan.

Here are ways you can avoid being like the Ultimate Warrior as a publicist:

Diversify Your Moveset - Here is how an Ultimate Warrior match would…correction…how EVERY Ultimate Warrior match would go:  Warrior would run to the ringside area.  Warrior would run around the ring a few times.  Warrior would shake the ropes.  Warrior would give an array of clotheslines and shoulderblock tackles.  Warrior would deliver a Gorilla Press Slam.  Warrior would finish his opponent off with a splash.  1-2-3.  See it once…it’s cool.  See it a hundred times…not so much.

PR Application – Keep your eyes peeled to new trends in the industry.  Always be willing to try new tools and applications to promote your clients.  Just because something worked in the past doesn’t mean you should keep using the exact same methods every time.  Stay fresh so your presentation doesn’t get tired.

Communicate Clearly – Where to begin???  The Ultimate Warrior umm..spoke like this:


Don't be like the Ultimate Warrior, PR Pros!

Sentences were incomplete, the message was kinda sorta lost.  I mean, it was plain to see where he was headed, but you had no idea how he got there.  I’m fairly certain he didn’t like Hulk Hogan in that interview.  Not 100%, tough.

PR Application – Whether it is a phone call, e-mail, Tweet, telegram, Pony Express, cave-painting, or any other form of communication, figure out what you want to express and then do it as clearly as possible.  Leave as little to subjective interpretation as possible.  Earn your audience’s respect by allowing them to understand your position, even if they don’t agree with you.

Have Steak With Your Sizzle - The Ultimate Warrior, as explained above, was all about excitement.  While his energy was nuts, he rarely told a satsifying story inside the ring (with the exception of his clashes at Wrestlemania 6 and 7, nothing stands out whatsoever).  This left fans excited to see him at the start, but ready to move on to the next match when he left.

PR Application - Always deliver on the deliverables.  Nobody can guarantee media hits.  But if you promise your best efforts and outline a plan of attack, follow through!  Send the client your releases, build their online profiles.  If you made a good plan and you execute it properly, you will have delivered what you can.  Obviously, if you get tons of coverage, you REALLY did your job!

So there you have it…three ways to avoid being like the Ultimate Warrior…and three ways to be a better publicist!

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