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March 24, 2010

Do You Blog Like Cookie Monster?

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B is for Blogging, that’s good enough for me

Blogging, blogging, blogging starts with B!

If that sounds familiar, then you’ve been paying attention to Sesame Street!

(For those keeping score, this is my second Muppets-related PR/Social Media post - check out the first here)

Cookie Monster has always been one of my favorite characters.  Of course, as a kid, I approved of his diet.  As a young adult, I appreciated his dedication to his favorite cause.

However, over the past few years, Cookie Monster has taken a dietary turn.

Take a look:

So, Cookie Monster now wants a healthy menu, making cookies a “sometimes food.”  Cookies, once a staple in the Monster’s diet, saw a reduced role in an increasingly varied food plan.

But this “moderation” thing has some blogging world ramifications.

Here are two big ones:

1) Blogging is a Sometimes Activity (for people!) – Unless you are a media outlet (or close enough, like TMZ), you should eat cookies blog wisely.  Posting new content several times a day will diminish the impact of your content.  Personally, I post something new just a few times a week.  That keeps me fresh, so I don’t feel pressure to crank out SOMETHING ever single day.  I’m only human!

Two or three thoughtful, creative, well-written posts a week will probably be better than seven mediocre days of boring posts.  Quality trumps quantity – and over-blogging is over-saturation.

On the flip side, brands and media outlets should be like the Cookie Monster of old and keep producing new content on as regular a basis as possible.  (Hint: more traffic helps you sell ads, something individual bloggers don’t really have to worry about).

2) Viva Variety! – If Cookie Monster can spice up his diet with meat, fruits and vegetables, then you can add to your blogroll!  Reading new and different sites will give you new insight on any topic.  And there are some awesome, awesome minds out there.

Try to find a new site each week.  Even better, interact with that blogger via comments or Twitter to really learn about who they are and their point of view.  You don’t have to agree with everyone to learn something from them!

To that point, I am dedicating April to guest bloggers.  Let’s call it Guest Blogger Month on The Buzz!  I’ll still be writing from time to time, but the focus will be on giving exposure to some terrific guest posters!  More to come on this initiative shortly!

You’re turn: How else can bloggers and readers be more like Cookie Monster?

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  • jasonmollica
    If a blog was like Oscar, though, we'd have problems! LOVED the Sesame Street references.. Let me know how I can help during your guest blogging month.
  • Desiree Williams
    I love!! This is very interesting and most of all....creative!
  • Sasha H. Muradali
    lol, another hilarious post. Great as always Mike :)
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