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September 13, 2009

PR Buzz: Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Beyonce

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So…did you catch the MTV VMAs on Sunday?

Well, you missed this:


Mr. West, Mr. West...

Mr. West, Mr. West...

Kanye West, known for his outspoken nature, interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech for “Best Female Video,” saying that Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” was one of the best videos of all-time, and implying that the “moon-man” was given to the wrong woman.

This wasn’t him saying that at a press conference afte the show.  He literally jumped on stage to speak his mind while Taylor was thanking everyone for allowing a country singer to win a mainstream award.

I am NOT about to debate the merits of who the award should go to.  A few confessions up-front: between the three artists involved, Kanye is by far my favorite, but I fully recognize that he brings a…unique…perspective to most every situation.

Let’s do a little role play…we’ll be the publicist for each artist and prepare a brief statement in response to the situation!

Publicist for Taylor Swift: “Taylor Swift was honored to be nominated for this prestigious mainstream award and was beyond thrilled to win it.  Every nominated video was deserving of an award.  She would like to once again thank her fans for their incredible support.”

Publicist for Beyonce: “Tonight, Beyonce was very happy to watch her talented friend Taylor Swift win an MTV Video Music Award.  Taylor is an exceptional artist who deserved to win this catagory.  The two of them have already discussed a future collaboration.  Beyonce would like to thank all of her fans for their undying support.”

Publicst for Kanye West: “At tonight’s MTV Video Music Awards, Mr. West wanted to make sure that all viewers were aware of the stiff competition Taylor Swift faced in winning her first Moon-Man award.  He is very happy for Taylor and is extremely proud of the work of Beyonce.  As always, Mr. West remains the unfiltered voice of the people.”

What else would you have them say?  Post your sugggestions below!

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