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May 27, 2009

Preamble – Welcome to The Buzz!

Welcome to The Buzz by Mike Schaffer!

Question #1 – What exactly is The Buzz by Mike Schaffer?

Answer – The Buzz is an online interactive forum covering Public Relations, sports, entertainment, pop culture and more, through the eyes of Mike Schaffer.

Question #2 – Who is Mike Schaffer?

Answer – A Washington, DC-based soon-to-be-married publicist and social media expert.

Question #3 – Why The Buzz?

Answer – I’ve always liked Coldplay’s “Don’t Panic,” with the refrain of “we live in a beautiful world, yeah we do, yeah we do.”  Not the most complex of lyrics, I know, but I like that.  The world is filled with dynamic people, unique individuals who can’t be described in one word, or one book or even one blog entry.  The Buzz will cover a wide array of topics for those real people.

Questions #4 – Sounds good…but what can we expect to find?

Answer – Lots of regular features, including: PR and social networking tops, songs of the day, regular blast-from-the-past videos, TV recap and reviews, strange-but-true stories and more.  Social networking can tend to cover just the minutia in our lives, so I’m going to try to tear down some walls on occasion, maybe dabble in social and political commentary, maybe ask for help planning a wedding (well, my fiancé has that pretty well covered :) ), maybe ask you to help walk my dog, we’ll see where it goes.  Check back regularly, because The Buzz by Mike Schaffer is always buzzing!

Questions #5 – Walk the dog?

Answer – I will often refer to our firstborn four-legged child, Balki Bartokomous Levy Schaffer.  If you don’t like it, this may not be the place for you.  (Bonus points if you get the pop culture reference in his name…post it as a comment!)

More to come from The Buzz!

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