Operation 25 – Day 1

26 Jul

Last year, I introduced the Social Media Slim-Down, a weight-loss support group that, over the course of several months, totaled hundreds and hundreds of pounds gone forever.  It was a tremendous success for everyone who participated – except for me.  I failed at listening to my own advice.

Man standing on scale

This morning, I stepped on the scale and saw bad, bad, bad numbers.  Worse numbers than I’m used to seeing on a scale.

I weighed in at 205, which, for a 5 foot, 8 inch guy like myself, is not too good.  There are other factors why this isn’t good for me, specifically, but we won’t go into those today.

So, while the Social Media Slim-Down was about a group effort, my new initiative is about getting myself where I need to be.

With that being said, today is the official launch of Operation 25!

What is Operation 25? Operation 25 is my personal life/health/fitness program that will help me get from 205 lbs. to 180 lbs.

How long will it last? As long as it needs to.  I am not racing a clock – I am going to make sustainable, long-term life changes that will facilitate a 25 lb. weight loss.  It could take a few weeks…it could take a few months.

Who’s involved? I have a two-person support team:

My beautiful wife, Marisa

My first-born child, poop machine and walking buddy, Balki Bartokomous Levy Schaffer

Can I (meaning you) be involved, too? Sure!  I’ll post and tweet updates and tips that I find helpful or comforting or alarming.  I have no training or certification (outside of being a Men’s Health subscriber for 4 years), but I’m trying to change my life before it gets too late.

Feel free to chime in with hints and advice – I sure need it!

Coming soon, I’ll discuss the tools I’m using, including the coolest sneakers on the planet, an iPhone app and more!

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  • Hi Mike - Have you checked out I like the menu planning and the exercise tips and suggestions. Check it out!
  • MeghanButler
    Go team!!
  • Anthony C
    Good luck. I'm also doing the weight loss thing. Just some quick tips that help me out. I'm anal retentive so writing everything I eat AND why (I realize when I'm stressed I eat) helps me. I also wrote down some obtainable goals for me to reach to help my confidence. It's basically a white board that has a weight I want to be at (e.g., I'm about 265 now; I'll write 260 and try to reach that. Once I hit 260, I'll write 255 and so on and so forth.). You can also take a picture of yourself when you were at a lighter weight and put that on your refrigerator (or wall) as motivation.

    I highly recommend checking out the Belly Off! book from Men's Health - it's got some great advice and a workout regiment.

    Also, don't cut out all of your snacks. You want an Oreo; have one. Just don't eat the whole box. (I'm not an expert; I've battled my own weight for years and years and picked up some tricks along the way.)
  • Steph Block
    I started my goals a few weeks ago. I got a metabolic test at Lifetime. I highly recommend. You wear a heart monitor while working out and try to reach rates based on your personalized test results. It is all about working out smarter.

    I am also following Hungry Girl. It is easier to be motivated with a support system. Good luck. Enjoy the foods you like but just in smaller portions -- one bit of advice. And, has really worked for me :)
  • Good luck! Looking forward to your tweets and posts about it. I need to make a few health changes myself.
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