Operation 25 – Meet The Villains

27 Jul

On Day 2 of Operation 25, I weighed-in at 204 – a loss of 1 pound!

As my intern, Andrea, so helpfully reminded me, “it’s just water weight.”  Thanks, kid.  Big encouragement there.

Anyway, in the Operation 25 “story” there are Heroes and Villains.

We’ll talk about Heroes later…I want to talk Villains today.

Businessman dressed in devil costume

For these purposes, Villains are anything that gets in your way of healthy living (AKA – weight loss!).  I figured I would list some of my Villains and hopefully help rid myself of them and their evil influence.

So…here we go:

10. My Couch – I love it, it loves me.  I lay down and instantly fall asleep.  I sit down and never want to get up.

9. Five Guys – Damn, you are so frickin’ tasty and affordable.  I hate you.  I love you.  Blah.

8. Victory’s Golden Monkey – By far, my favorite beer.  From calories to carbs to alcohol content, there is absolutely nothing light about it.

7. DVR – Times used to be, you’d come home, watch a show or two and go to bed.  With DVR technology, I can easily watch a Law & Order: SVU from 2002.  And then another.  And another.  WHY MUST I RECORD THE SERIES???

6. Breyer’s Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream – Since birth, my favorite ice cream brand and flavor.

5. iPhone Alarm Clock Function – Who needs a snooze button when you can set multiple alarms so easily?  Not ready to get up at 6am?  You can easily set one for 7:30am!  And…BAM…there goes your morning workout.

4. Air Conditioning – Yes, the gym is a block away.  Less, actually.  But that’s several minutes in the summer heat…and I just can’t handle that this time of year.

3. Muscle Soreness – Once you start working out, your muscles are all “WTF?  We’re being used!!  YAY!!  YAY!!!  SLOW DOWN, JACKHOLE!”  Then you take a few days off and the workout mojo is lost.

2. Chinese Takeout – My #1 lunch indulgence is the Honey Sesame Chicken from the Chinese stand two blocks from the office.  At least I walk there and back.  Right?

1. Elevators and escalators – Seriously.  What other invention stops you from walking up and down a single flight of stairs?

You’ll notice I didn’t link to any brands.  On purpose.

What gets in your way of fitness and healthy living?

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  • ALLLL of these are my downfalls too! It's just soooo easy to hit snooze and my bed is sooo comfy! Also - the wine gets me. Not good.
  • Foods/Drinks - beer (pretty much all of it, but lately favorites include sam adams summer ale and dogfish head 90 minute) Cheezits, Bojangles (though not as much now that I'm not in NC anymore)

    The biggest annoyance is my travel schedule. I tend to be most happy when I'm doing a very intense routine (p90x, stuff with kettlebells, crossfit, etc). Travel absolutely kills me. I usually need to stay in an old inn that is near the office up in CT, and there's no way I can do most of what I like to do there. And travel+meetings+long days is tiring, so it can be hard to muster up the energy to do workouts. But I can always at least be doing something. There's still no excuse for me to do nothing, which is what ends up happening sometimes.
  • Jbstorch
    I'm with you on Five Guys. I had to give it up cold turkey. I took one look at the nutrition facts for Five Guys a few months ago and haven't had so much as a fry there since then.

    I'm with you on Chinese food too... it's my Achilles heal. If you cut back on the rice, it's a start at least.

    My biggest problem is snacking in general... it's just so easy to have so candy, chips, chocolate, etc. sitting in a desk drawer. And lack of exercise generally... I blame my busy schedule, but I really need to get some more physical activity into my daily routine.

    I'd give you more advice but I've gained about 5 pounds since the beginning of the year myself.
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