Operation 25 – Day 3

28 Jul

One meal can really ruin a good day.

I made a Kashi pizza (high in protein and fiber – WIN!)…but ate one slice too many and paid the price when I stepped on the scale this morning.  Before that, my diet was pristine.  I had an array of small, low calorie, high nutrient meals throughout the day.

Sometimes dinner is the hardest meal of the day for me to eat healthy.

What?  Shouldn’t that be the easiest, since you have the most prep time?

Well, yes and no.  After work, I find myself extra hungry and will snack on whatever is around before making dinner.

Eating at work, though, is not the major issue…which brings us to today’s Operation 25 Fitness Tip of the Day:

If you don’t bring it with you to work, don’t eat it!

Keep your hands out of the cookie jar and candy bowl, boys and girls!

And, an important lesson – be careful when you work out!

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