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November 3, 2009

PR Buzz – Be A Hero

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This morning, while walking Balki (you couldn’t miss me…I was the guy wearing jeans, Ithaca College hoodie and flip flops, walking through our nation’s capital), I had my beloved iPod throw me for a loop.

It was set to a mix I like to work out to, hoping to get the blood pumping a little bit.

It gave me, honestly, these two songs back-to-back:

1) The Theme to “Greatest American Hero”


(Sound somewhat familiar, you might be more familiar with it from it’s stint on Seinfeld, which may be the single most awesome moment in TV history.)

2) Green Day’s cover of John Lennon’s “Working Class Hero”


Now, I was first stunned that in my 300 song playlist set to play randomly, I had two “hero” songs in a row.

Ready to be a Superhero?

But maybe my brain works a little funny, but I always figure out how to apply real-life instances to PR.  (OK, my brain DOES work a little funny!)

So what did I get from this?

These songs give the absolute ends of the spectrum on what a hero is.  One is all about super powers and doo-goodiness, while the other is about rebelling against the system.

In PR, we need to utilize BOTH portraits of heroism.  We need to both follow the rules and break them, when necessary.  We need to be both upfront and less-than-upfront.  We need to be a superstar and we also need to fade into the background.

Some may say we need to be Superman and Batman, or Captain America and Wolverine, depending on your comic book brand loyalty.

But above all, it’s critical to know both sides of the coin…and know which one to play at which time.

What do you think?  What type of hero are you?

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