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October 28, 2009

Help! I've Tweeted and I Can't Get Up!

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One of my all-time favorite commercials is this classic from LifeCall:


When a medical emergency happens, like falling, the service would dispatch help to come rescue the victim if they use their nifty device.

Perfect deal, right?

Well what is the LifeCall equivalent for social media snafus?

A few recent, notable examples:

- Kansas City Chiefs star Larry Johnson uses very offensive language while responding too Tweeters.

- Musician John Mayer reportedly spent more time on Twitter than talking to girlfriend Jennifer Aniston, so she dumped him.

- Minnesota Timberwolves player Kevin Love posted a message about his coach being fired—before the team announce it.

- Megan McCain posted a…ahem…chesty photograph of herself, stunning some followers.

So, as a publicist, when your client crosses a line on Twitter, how do you respond?  How do you get your clients from off of the Twitter floor?

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