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October 23, 2009

PR Buzz – Validated Tweets?

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This morning, I followed Valerie Simon’s advice and followed everyone who participated at #PRstudChat on Twitter this week.  It’s a great way to connect with more people in and around my industry, no?

Well, I got auto-DMs (another rant) from several folks saying that I had to click on a link and fill out a form to “validate” my desire to follow them.

Doesn’t that go somewhat against the point of Twitter?  Isn’t the beauty of the site that you tap your mouse and can follow people?  If there is something you want to say on Twitter that you don’t want the world to know, should you really be saying it on Twitter?

On the flip side, it seems like an easy way to, with limited hassle, control who is in your network.  You definitely can cut down on SPAM followers (like Britney…I don’t need any more of her following me around!).

Is it worth it to make people who want to follow you take those extra steps?

The floor is open to discussion!

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