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October 13, 2009

Lucky Underwear

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I used to be so much worse.

If I didn’t wear my lucky underwear, the Baltimore Ravens wouldn’t win.  

Do you know how that feels?  To have your undergarment selection be THE deciding factor in NFL games?  To either wear dirty underwear once a week…or do regular laundry?

I was a freshman at Ithaca College, and the Ravens were on their march towards the Super Bowl.  My gameday uniform was epic, especially for someone unable to go to–or even WATCH–most of the team’s games.  It included:

    - Jermaine Lewis #84 Purple Jersey

    - Dark Gray Long-Sleeved Waffle Undershirt

    - Ravens Black Track Pants (w/cozy interior)

    - Ravens Slipper-Socks

    - Purple and White Boxer Shorts 

If I deviated from that uniform for ANY reason, they would lose.  No matter what.

My Game Day Jersey, Midnight Black Ed Reed. Respect.

My Game Day Jersey, Midnight Black Ed Reed. Respect.

Since those days, I’ve gotten rid of the slipper socks (can’t find the left one), the pants (ripped) and the boxers (do I need a reason for throwing away decade-old underwear, no matter how lucky it was from 1999-2001?).

My Ravens jersey collection is now up to 3, each with a specific purpose:

- Jermaine Lewis (Purple #84) – General wear/games that need a “push” of luck

- Ray Lewis (White #52) – General wear, perfect for riling-up fans of hated rival teams

- Ed Reed (Midnight Black #20) – GAME DAY.  No other wearing of this jersey is allowed. (Although, I did wear it once on a bye week.  They lost the next game.)

With all that being said, I know I’m not alone on my NFL game day uniform traditions.  What are your “Lucky Underwear” stories?

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