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August 9, 2009

Top 10 Favorite WWE Entrance Themes

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I know, I know.  “Rasslin” is for kids and rednecks, neither of which describe me.  But I’ve been a lifelong fan and WILL be a lifelong fan.  Accept it.  (My fiancee is still working on that part.)

A critical part of the presentation of any WWE Superstar is their entrance music.  It sets the tone for who they are and what they are going to do to their opponent.  For fans, they become instant gym playlist fodder for the iPod.

Let’s countdown my Top 10 WWE themes!  (And yes, this list will only cover WWE, so some of the best themes in wrestling history won’t be included…today.  We’ll get to the rest down the road, ok?)

A few caveats:

- I’m looking for themes from IMPACT players, not low-level guys.  I love Santino Marella’s music, but it ain’t making this list.

- The music must be instantly identifiable with the Superstar.

- The music must have longevity.  Short-term music doesn’t count.

- Lyrics count, but aren’t the most important thing.

Honorable Mentions:

- Mr. Perfect – In one word: perfection.


- Bret Hart – I wish I had more space on the Top 10.  Even today when the Hart Dynasty comes out to a remix of this song, I get goosebumps!


- Razor Ramon – The Bad Guy was one of my favorites


- Dusty Rhodes – “Common Man” – #1 entrance music guilty pleasure!


10 – Kane – “Slow Chemical” – Try lifting weights to this song and you’ll understand why it just plain rules.


9 – Christian – “Just Close Your Eyes” – How good is this music?  So good that when Christian went to TNA, they made his theme there sound as close to this as legally possible!  And the new version he’s been using since his return several months ago is even better.


and the new version can be found here:

8 – Demolition – In the late 1980s when entrance music was still a new concept, WWE produced this gem, which could easily hold up today.


7 – “Macho Man” Randy Savage – “Pomp and Circumstance” – Who knew an old piece of classical music played at graduations would one day be most closesly associated with a wrestler?  When he changed his music in his late WCW years, it just didn’t work.


6 – Triple H – “The Game” – I thought alot about putting him in, but I realized that this song is 1) EXCELLENT and 2) pure Triple H.


5 – Shawn Michawls – “Sexy Boy” – From the original version done by Sensational Sherri to the more familiar egotistical version of Shawn singing about his own vanity, this song is a critical part of the HBK experience.


4 – Stone Cold Steve Austin – Don’t you wanna drink a beer when you hear this?  When the glass shatters, you know hell is going to break loose!


3 – Undertaker – “Graveyard Symphony” – The most epic, timeless music WWE has ever produced.  Just a simple funeral dirge that makes you know the Undertaker is on his way to the ring.  From the Federation years to the Attitude Era and beyond, this song still works.


2 – Edge – “Metalignus” – This is, by far, the best modern theme.  A terrific song that holds up on its own, it helps define Edge’s character – that he believes 100% that he is in the right.


1 – Hulk Hogan “Real American” – Simply the best entrance theme EVER.  Even though it wasn’t originally made for Hogan, it fit his character perfectly.  From the opening notes, you know EXACTLY who’s coming out!


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