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February 19, 2010

#HAPPO Pitches – Part 3

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1) Elissa Davis
Elissa Davis – , ,

I am Elissa Davis, a Senior Journalism and Mass Communication student at George Washington University who is currently desiring full-time employment opportunities beginning in mid-May.

I’m an innovator, who understands this converging world and the need to balance the traditional and the new to achieve success. My medium to do this is public relations and communications. I’m passionate about bringing information to people, businesses and communities in imaginative and expressive ways. I possess the experience, knowledge and work ethic to implement strategic and effective campaigns. Plain and simple, PR is where I thrive.

I’ve been fortunate to have a diverse set of internships and professional opportunities that have permitted me to practice and utilize communication techniques from numerous diverse perspectives. I’ve developed a comprehensive knowledge base of government, corporate, non-profit, social media and entertainment communications. Through my experiences I’ve learned to persevere through trying situations, never take no for an answer, work under extreme conditions, apply crisis communications, work within a large corporation, effectively utilize new media, and much more.

I flourish in a fast moving, high profile environment, where possibilities are unlimited. I’m very passionate about the world of public relations and I have the drive to work in this industries multi-faceted environment and achieve heretofore unbelievable results.

2) Lisa Atufunwa

I graduated in May 2009 from Michigan State University. I gained
experience in non-profit public relations and the human resources and
lifestyle industry. I am able to grasp information and tasks quickly.
I am able to adapt to any environment. Passionate, hard worker and
driven to help your organization achieve daily goals. I am motivated
to grow as a PR professional and continue building relationships
between clients, their target audience, journalists, and other PR

I am a tech savvy and have a lot of experience with computers and
social media. I have a knack for finding information and resources,
whether if it is through the Internet or from my mental library. I
will go the extra mile in accomplishing tasks, even if it is working
at 11 p.m. I am eager to begin working in the public relations
industry and having the opportunity to showcase my talents.

For a detail listing of my background, please e-mail me at
for a copy of my resume and connect with me on
Twitter () and/or LinkedIn

3) Jamie Favreau

Since Help a PR Pro Out day is today I thought I would write a brief description of what makes me a great hire.

I graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a Bachelor of Science degree in 2008 in Communications Technology and have been working hard learning the field of Public Relations and communications since then.

My desire has always been to work in the communications industry. I have found social media to be my niche. I have worked for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society where I managed to form a partnership with Yelp. The time I spent there was constructive and I also had photos donated by General Motors and Wayne State University for invitations to the Leukemia Ball.

Since then I have built a community for FWIX, wrote proposals for projects which I bid on in my freelance work. I have been an avid participant and volunteer in Detroit. I have worked Module 09, Brand Camp U 09, invited to Ted x Detroit and am going to be working Ignite Detroit and Future Midwest 10. I was also the Champion for Detroit in the live event for #journchat this past August.

Why should you hire me?

1. Relationships are key and I have excellent interpersonal skills.

2. Able to cultivate new ideas and fresh outlook on life.

3. I am social media savvy and realize an integrated communications strategy will help solve some of the current problems.

4. Loves hockey, Detroit Red Wings, Team USA and everything involved with it.

5. Believes in Detroit but am willing to relocate to New York, Chicago, D.C. or San Fransisco.

6. Loves research and bookmarking so I could save you money by having some research done already!

7. I am looking for more of an entry level marketing position but I believe PR and marketing go hand in hand.

8. Have worked with a start up and a non profit organization. So I am capable of working in any kind of environment.

9. Freelancing has taught me about deadlines, creating good content, selling your ideas and various other things which can transfer to a great public relations job.

10. Sports and Entertainment have been in my blood for the past years but technology is my passion. I am driven to work for a growing company which is technology or hockey based and can feed my passion for growth.

Thank you.

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