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July 16, 2009

PR Buzz – True Internship Stories

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Public Relations interns cover an incredible amount of material and take on lots of responsibilities and projects.  I asked some of my company’s current interns to share some of their favorite stories from the summer…so far!

From Alex Harper:

My favorite project from my time at BWF so far has been the Gynecological Cancer Foundation Half Marathon. Most of the logistical planning was just getting under way when I began my internship, so I’ve gotten to see and influence a lot of what goes into planning an event that involves thousands of people. It’s been amazing that I was actually trusted with major tasks like making the entire course and creating the race map on InDesign that already appears on the race’s website. Now, I’m talking with departments in the D.C. Mayor’s office and nearby venues to begin even more detailed planning. Even though the race is scheduled after my internship is over, I definitely want to make plans on attending to see how the entire event works out! I’m so glad I chose an internship at BWF, a small firm, because I know I would never have been given the same opportunities anywhere else. My friend has a PR internship in NYC and is bored stiff faxing and answering phones all day with no influence in her company whatsoever.

From Kelsey Jones:

During my internship at BWF I’ve spent a great majority of my time working with our client, the National Museum of Crime and Punishment. I’ve had the opportunity to write press releases and media alerts, but even more interesting, I had the opportunity to attend a client

Alex, "Johnny Depp, Kelsey - Just another BWF day!

Alex, "Johnny Depp," Kelsey - Just another BWF day!

meeting and even attended a taping of a TV interview between the museum’s Chief Operating Officer, Janine Vaccarello, and news 8 for the new movie, “Public Enemies” (based on John Dillinger’s life of crime). I got an up close and personal look at the museum’s temporary exhibit for John Dillinger, as well as the rest of the museum and watched part of a taping of America’s Most Wanted at the AMW studio in the museum’s basement. I was asked to work at the “Public Enemies” prescreening event in DC, where I threw on a prison suite (the attire for museum employees) and assisted with Dillinger trivia and give-aways. Alex (another BWF intern) and I posed with the wax figure, Johnny Depp, and then were invited to view the movie ourselves before it even hit theaters! The movie was not only free, but great!

From Colleen Schmidt:

My name is Colleen Schmidt and I am a senior at California University of Pennsylvania.  I am majoring in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations.  I have also taken up a minor in women’s studies. 

Before my junior year ended, I decided that I wanted to do an internship in Washington, D.C. through a program called, “The Washington Center.”  Currently, I am interning for a public relations and marketing agency called, “Brotman Winter Fried Communications.”  Throughout my internship thus far, I have been taking on numerous responsibilities and multiple tasks.  Some of these duties have included, but are not limited to: writing press releases, creating media lists, contacting clients, helping with on-site projects, advertising and promoting.  I would have to say my most favorite project that I’ve worked on so far has been the “Independence Burger Eating Championship” for our client “Z-Burger.” Prior to this event, I took on a role as one of the promotional staff members.  With this role, I was able to help my supervisor manage the Z-Burger email account, design and purchase materials for the event, contact press, distribute emails and recruit models.  During the event itself, I remained actively engaged throughout the entire contest, start to finish.  Not only was I able to assist with the afternoon registration and setup, but I was also given the opportunity to participate in the contest as one of the models.  This part was by far the most exciting!  I really enjoyed encouraging and interacting with the contestants.  Toward the end of the event, I was even able to sit down and have an in-depth conversation with one of the participants and some of the Z-Burger staff members.  This was a really great opportunity for me to polish up my networking skills, in addition to learn about other people’s experiences and see how they got to where they are today.

You can follow Colleen’s summer internship here:

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