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July 3, 2010

Photo Essay: My Childhood

Can you do the Bartman?

I'm a can be one, too!

If you zoom in tight, you'll notice my fastball increased one mile per hour overnight. I was AWESOME!

My first swimsuit calendar.

Cub Scout hat!

So, I thought I was cool because I got a CNN press pass in 1996. Apparently, they gave one to everyone those days.

I autographed my Spiderman wallet. I mean...someone wrote "Mike is Cool" on my swank leather wallet.

Heroes in a Half-Shell....TURTLE POWER!

I took ice skating lessons. I made it to Basic Level 5. That means I know enough to not fall on my ass, but not enough to do anything cool.

My first and only cowboy costume.

Yes...yes, this CD was among my possessions in my parents' house. And yes, yes I brought it home with me. What about it?

A gameboard I made for an Ithaca College Bombers Womens' Basketball game. Not from childhood, but I enjoyed digging those up.

I was such an artist!

A puppet Oriole bird! FTW!!!

I peaked at age 9.

Old school. Really.


Apparently, when I was 9, I had my life planned out. I've never worked anywhere with a free fountain soda machine. Hot tea will do, I guess. Also, I'm not a lawyer.

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I'm a can be one, too!

Can you do the Bartman?

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  • Mary El
    Hahahaha I got really excited when I saw the Ace of Base CD! This was fun to read, thanks. :)
  • Citygirlblogs
    Mike *is* cool! And, I would love to see any photos of you in that adorable cowboy costume!
  • Julia
    How many flowers??!! Love it!
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