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February 6, 2010

Mike Does a Snow Angel!

Tags: 12for12k, dogs, , puppies, winter

As promised, I did a snow angel! Do your part and go to and

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  • Jerry Levy
    Mike does a snow angel for 12for12k and gets an assist from Taco & Balki.
  • Haha, Mike, you rock fella - and agree with City Girl, hope you had a nice cup of something suitably warm afterward. If I'm ever in DC anytime soon, the drink's are on me :)
  • citygirlblogs
    Love it!!! Lol that you did it "because Twitter said so." That could be a slippery slope (no wet snow pun intended). I also love that you look like you were enjoying yourself. Go big or go home! Hope your girl is making you a nice cup of something warm now.
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