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September 15, 2009

Who Is The Most Awesome Movie Robot EVER?

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Oh, the directions our brains take us in…

I was wondering who the greatest robot in movie history…and now you will help!

Please find the poll below.  Voting criteria is based on one thing and one thing only: AWESOMENESS.

Here are the 5 nominees in no particular order:

1) Terminator – For purposes of this study, we will be considering all Arnold Terminators as one, since his characters in T1 and T2 were different.  This was perhaps the most badass robot EVER.  Not only could he do all the robot stuff (virtually invincible, crazy detection and tracking, etc), he had no less than THREE catch-phrases!

- “Come with me if you want to live.” (OK, so it was also said in T1, but let’s be real…Arnold made it famous)

- “Hasta la vista…baby.” (This one line convinced a legion of kids they knew Spanish!)

- Last but not least: “I’ll be back.”


2) Wall-E - This lil guy is probably the cutest robot on the list.  An intergalactic trash-bot, Wall-E doesn’t speak much, but has all sorts of adventures.  Check out this preview:


3) R2D2 - I thought about including his partner in crime, C-3PO, on this list, but let’s be real…3PO ain’t awesome.  His little trash can-sized buddy, however, reeks of awesomeness!  How awesome is he?  He was in the inaugural class inducted to the Robot Hall of Fame.

Seriously, R2 is funny, powerful and more:


4) Johnny 5 - He was struck by lightening and brought to life…he hangs with Ally Sheedy in the bathtub…


Then he gets a badass makeover:


And makes breakfast:


Gains awesome self-awareness:


AND, as a kicker, becomes an American citizen at the end of Short Circuit 2!

(Random question – Fisher Stevens is from Chicago.  Why didn’t they get an Indian actor if they wanted that accent?)

5) Robocop - You know the story.  Top cop Murphy gets decimated and turned into Robocop, the ultimate law enforcement machine.  He shoots things.  Lots of things.  And kicks major criminal butt.

This, however, may be the character’s shining moment:


And remember his wrestling stint?


OK, so the character started off great and turned into somewhat of a joke, but the original Robocop movie is incredible!

So there you have it…the 5 nominees!  Voting is now open!

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