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August 21, 2009

Song of the Day: "More Than Words"

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How do you properly honor one of your favorite songs?  I’ll do my best here.

“More Than Words” by Extreme is a soupy love song, admittedly.  It was a stark contrast from EVERY OTHER SONG Extreme did.  But it was their biggest hit.  When it came out in 1991, I wasn’t such a big fan…girls still had cooties.

But in my teenage years, I absolutely fell in love with the guitar play of Nuno Bettancourt.  The simple melody and beautiful vocal harmony.

When I got a little older, it was my inspiration to play guitar.  (I mean, if I could ever play that song, I was SURE the ladies would come rolling!).  Well, even after years of practice, I don’t really have the song down pat.  And despite my limitations as a player, I did alright for myself, since I’m getting married in two weeks!

As we were making the playlist for the DJ, I lobbied for my cheesy favorite love song, but it doesn’t look promising :)

Anyway, enjoy this live version of “More Than Words!”


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