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August 14, 2009

Michael Vick, The Eagle

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As we discussed a few weeks ago, convicted (and punished) dog killer Michael Vick was rightly reinstated by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.  He committed a crime and he served his sentance.

My main point was that if he found work as a custodian, nobody would care.  But the act that he is on track to resume a lucrative career, that’s where people have issues.  And they aren’t wrong.  I agree with them that it stinks, but it’s also the way the system we ALL live in works.

It all became more real last night as the Phildelphia Eagles announced (during their preseason game, no less) that they had signed the maligned player to a 2-year deal (one year with an option attached).

Can the newest Eagle fly?

Can the newest Eagle fly?

I’m very curious to see where this heads.  Just because he has signed with a team doesn’t gurantee anything.  NFL contracts are basically fortune cookies that you can open with excitement one moment and find how worthless they are the next.

Philly has an established starter in veteran Donovan McNabb, so maybe it is the perfect place for Vick to prove to the world how much he wants to be back in the NFL.  If he can put his ego aside and hold the clipboard for a year or two, he may get his chance at leading a team again.

I think he has paid his debt to society and now a private company thinks he can be an asset to them.  As long as the legal system doesn’t forbid him and the team from working together, there is really nothing that can be done about it.

What do you think about Vick’s signing?

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