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August 11, 2009

PR Buzz – The Currency of Pop Culture

Us publicists aren’t in the people business; we are in the relationship business.

We need to develop relationships with clients, media, vendors, colleagues, bosses, partners, sources and the list goes on.

There are two major vehicles we use to create and maintain relationships – the weather and pop culture.

Who among us hasn’t arrived 5 minutes early to a meeting and killed the time by discussing the forecast with fellow attendees?  We all do it, it’s OK.  Don’t be ashamed.

But the major source of material is pop culture: TV, movies, music…the things that we share as a society.

We tend to “grade” people basedon their pop culture exposure, in relation to our own.  If a client watches the same TV shows we do, it’s a good thing!  If the reporter was raving about the same song we just downloaded from iTunes, it’s a good thing!  If the guy at the printer stood in line for tickets to the same concert, it’s a good thing!

It’s the Currency of Pop Culture.

We view ourselves as “perfect.”  Thus, the more other people are just like us, they must be “perfect,” too…right?

What if we all sought the other side?  What if we valued the differences in people around us as much as the similarities?

So, your coworker doesn’t watch any of the same TV shows you do…what could it hurt to give one of their’s a look-see?

Let’s take our differences and use them to make ourselves better…and use our valuable pop culture currency to make new bonds with different people and expand our networks.  Instead of just finding people like ourselves, let’s attach ourselves to those who see the world through completely different Pop Culture lenses.

What do you think?

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