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August 6, 2009

PR Buzz – What couldn't you live without?

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Are we over the collective freakout from Thursday’s TwitterFail and FacebookFail?

When we woke up this morning and fired up our computers (or, let’s be honest, reached for the Blackberry and iPhone charging next to our pillow) and couldn’t get Twitter to load, you could hear the groans all over the world.  Of course, being good social networkers, we all went to Facebook next to see what was going on.  There, we found slowness and unloadable pages.  Then, those in the know went to Mashable to see what was REALLY going on.

The blogosphere summed-up our addictions, including some of my favorites: The Little Pink Book and The Legend of Aerocles sharing their misery and PRetty Social asking if we would pay for the service.

I, like them…and you…spent much of the day hitting the refresh button with little results and growing frustration.

Then I got to thinking, what couldn’t you live without?

Let’s take decent healthcare, your current significant other (if there is one), basic food, adequate shelter, appropriate transportation, a comfortable amount of money and proper toilet/bathroom/hygiene needs out of the discussion.

So what do you NEED in your life that isn’t a necessity?  Is it your cell phone?  Your nightly glass of wine?  Put it in the comments section.  I’m very interested!

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