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July 21, 2009

The Booing of Beckham

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When David Beckham was booed in his return to MLS and in his first MLS home game of the season.


Where do we start?  

1 – As the most-hyped soccer player since Pele, he brought glitz & glamour to MLS, but not a ton of substance.  He has had a minimal impact on the Los Angeles Galaxy.  His game has never been about scoring goals (think Steve Nash), but even soccer die-hards can see he hasn’t been the same player.

2 – Public clashes with teammates, especially Landon Donovan, have put him at odds with fans and players.  He politicked the captaincy away from Donovan and did…well…nothing with it.  Donovan wears the armband again these days.

3 – While on load to AC Milan, Beckham reportedly tried to negotiate a more long-term arrangement to remain in Europe.

The sports of soccer revolves around skill and respect.  While age and injuries have sapped some of Beckham’s ability to perform at his previous levels, his apparent lack of respect for MLS and the Galaxy became a hot-button issue.

At the end of the day, though, this is a brilliant step forward for soccer in the United States.  If the fans won’t let the most famous soccer player on the planet, with the gorgeous pop star life, rags-to-riches story and lengthy resume, walk all over them, then they truly recognize that the game is more important than a star player.

Look at it this way: many sports fans will cheer for legends because of their past accomplishments.  MLS fans have DEMANDED that Beckham be better as a player and teammate.  No one player in above the other 10 while on the pitch, not even the sport’s poster child.

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