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May 27, 2009

Morning PR Buzz – Toot Your Own Horn

When I was a kid, I watched a TV show, where the prize was a plastic rock with a flashlight inside.  Kinda boring, right?

Let’s try it this way:

When I was a kid, I watched “GUTS,” by far the coolest TV show Nickelodeon EVER produced, where the winner after 4 rounds of sports-action took home the grand prize trophy – a glowing piece of the AGROCRAG!!!


The lesson here is to always go over-the-top (to an appropriate degree) when describing your clients and their products.  If a publicist isn’t their biggest cheerleader, who will be?  

Tips to Horn Tooting:

- Be specific – Use nouns, not pronouns whenever possible (helps with branding, too!)

- Be descriptive – “It was a nice day when Timmy won the race” is horrible.  Try “With the bright sun warming the air, Timmy breezed to a first-place finish.”  Maybe a little soupy, but you definitely have a better mental picture of what happened.

- Be the opposite of shy – Why hide things that make you or your client stand out?  Be up front about awards, honors and recognitions!  You rock, and make sure the world knows about it!

And that’s The Buzz!

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