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February 19, 2010

HAPPODC Open Forum

Stealing a page from the fabulous Heather Whaling, (by the by, visit her site for Columbus, OH-based jobs and job seekers…and other incredible content!), this page is now dedicated to HAPPODC.  Companies and seekers, please use the comments here to post and interact!  I also strongly encourage everyone to use and follow the #HAPPO and #HAPPODC hashtags on Twitter.

HAPPO away, DC!

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  • I planned to post here earlier in addition to Twitter, but better late than never! This forum is a great idea and I hope it becomes an ongoing resource for companies and professionals.

    My situation is a little unique as I took my public relations degree and communications experience and funneled it into a career in arts fundraising. In true industry fashion, I decided to do things differently and write a poem and an editorial. *ahem*

    The Fundraiser: To Be Continued …

    My story’s a little different you see
    For I’ve found that fundraising is the career for me
    It started out with a little arts place
    Three years later, you can still see it on my face--
    That glow from doing a good thing
    And all the positive changes that a donor’s dollars bring
    Letters, gift entry, and grant writing day in and day out
    Making a difference is what this is all about
    Now, I’m ready for new challenges--DC is the plan
    I’m ready to use my experience and expertise however I can
    Arts and cultural fundraising is preferred
    But I’m open to anything to help spread the word
    For your cause, about your mission
    And why it’s important for people to listen

    From the desk of Jennifer Schooley
    February 18, 2010

    This morning I happened to look at the Fred Rogers calendar I tacked above my desk a few days ago. Aside from a candid photograph of Mr. Rogers in his customary sweater surrounded by inquisitive children, a quote at the bottom of the page jumped out at me:

    "The thing I remember best about successful people I've met all through the years is their obvious delight in what they're doing and it seems to have very little to do with worldly success. They just love what they're doing, and they love it in front of others."

    This simple quote from a man who believed in the goodness of others and doing everything possible to inspire growth and learning really struck a chord with me.

    When I became involved in fundraising three years ago, I never expected to turn it into a career. I had a degree in public relations and found it to be an interesting skill or area of expertise to pick up – and yet, I gravitated to it with a natural ease.

    Three years later, I couldn’t think of doing anything else. There’s a simple kind of joy in knowing that you are truly making the world a better place, whether it’s interacting with a donor, writing a letter, or preparing a massive grant request. There are highs and there are lows. There are the days you excitedly gush over the approvals and the days you hang your head when you receive the rejections. Yet, you accept it, knowing your work will never be done. You march on, work hard, and keep your fingers crossed.

    I’ve had the opportunity to do some amazing things the last three years. I’ve also always had a significant place in my heart for the arts and cultural institutions as they have shaped the person I am today. Using that love for and belief in the arts as my guide has enabled me to leverage thousands of dollars and new partnerships in just a few short years. What’s even more encouraging is finding the people who believe in the same worthy causes, wanting to do all they can to make things happen.

    As I grow personally and professionally, I know it’s time to lend my love for fundraising elsewhere to meet the needs of another organization. My interest is in the DC area, as I know just how strongly the people who live and work there believe in the importance of giving back to the community and making the world a better place. I never had the honor of meeting Mr. Rogers, but I can take pride in knowing that I’m doing all I can to prove him right.

    Jennifer Schooley is currently a development consultant with a nationally recognized arts organization. Her responsibilities include gift processing, grant writing, research, prospecting, and other related tasks. Email for a current résumé.

  • I am seeking an entry-level position in DC. Check out my pitch here on The Buzz by Mike Schaffer and my interview with Lauren Novo

    Please connect with me with more information.
  • I'm seeking an Online Editor/Community Manager variant position in DC Metro or San Francisco that combines social media with marketing with advocacy work but am open to any combination thereof.

    Resume at

    I wrote a post on Posterous about today's initiative.

    #happo #happodc #happosf
  • carolinedacunha

    Media Contact:

    Caroline da Cunha

    Talented Public Relations Professional Caroline da Cunha Available for Hire at D.C. Based PR Firm

    Washington D.C. (February 19, 2010)— Caroline da Cunha announced today that she is available for hire at a D.C. based PR Firm. Ms. da Cunha is a recent graduate of Dickinson College and a seasoned public relations intern. She recently moved to Washington D.C. to accept an internship at ZComm, a Bethesda based PR Company.

    Prior to moving to Washington D.C., Ms. da Cunha worked in the public relations practice at O’Neill and Associates in Boston, Massachusetts. During her time at O’Neill and Associates, she supported leading public relations professionals by writing press releases, compiling media lists and news clips, and conducting research for a wide variety of clients, including hospitality and tourism, non-profit, and financial services. Ms. da Cunha’s industry experience will make her an invaluable part of any team where she will help creatively-package information for media outlets and target audiences.

    “Caroline will be a significant asset to the (insert company name here) team,” said Nairi Aprahamian, intern coordinator at O’Neill and Associates. “Her experience in a fast paced firm dealing with a wide range of clients has positioned her to thrive, and we are confident that Caroline has a bright future ahead of her.”

    Through an array of internship and leadership positions, Ms. da Cunha has applied her academic experience to practical applications as an intern in human resources at Bright Horizons Family Solutions and as an intern in the Dickinson College Office of Admissions, where she was responsible for drafting communications materials to be distributed to prospective students.

    A Massachusetts native, Ms. da Cunha attended Dickinson College, where she earned a bachelor degree in Sociology, with a concentration in consumer behavior. Her computer and technology proficiencies include social media applications, Microsoft Office, and QuickBooks.

  • I'm an organized, fast learner with great people skills, who loves to creative brainstorm. I am graduating with a degree in public relations with minors in english, sociology and international studies from Penn State. I took the initiative to help co-found Penn State’s first student-run PR firm, Happy Valley Communications. My extracurricular experience along with my education & internship experience make me a great addition to any team. I am looking for a job in DC or VA. For more information about me, check out my blog:
  • Matt Hannaford
    Here is my interview with for #HAPPO #HAPPODC #HAPPOPHI With 4+ years of SID experience Im a 5-tool player in PR!

    I'm looking for a PR job in the DC metro area and ready to go the extra mile for your company. Please contact me for more information!
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