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February 10, 2010

Cole’s 12for12k Snow Angel

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Last weekend, during the #Snowpocalypse2 in Washington, DC, my good friend dared me to do a Snow Angel.  I did it, but in the name of the phenomenal 12for12k charity, which uses social media for social good [since I'm much closer to 30 than to 20, these days it takes a dare to do a snow angel :) ].  As the winter weather has returned to the East Coast (we’re calling it #Snowdiculous here), I got this letter from our newest OFFICIAL Buzz correspondent Cole…and I am honored to share it with you!

Dear Mr. Schaffer,

My name is Cole and I am 3. My mom showed me the video of you making a snow angel for 12for12k. I know all about 12for12k! It’s about doing something good for someone else every month. And mom says that whether you are big (like Mike) or small (like my baby sister) everyone can do something.  So here it is… my first snow angel ever! And maybe anyone who likes my angel can visit 12for12k and help do a little good.

Thank you for letting me come play on your blog. And for helping me make my first snow angel.



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  • heatherwhaling
    LOVE this :) Valerie, Cole is adorable!!
  • Sasha H. Muradali
    aww, this is so cute!!!

    Love it!
  • valeriesimon
    Thanks Mike, Heather & Danny. Cole is thrilled to be an official correspondent for the Buzz and looks forward to offering other insights from the 3 ft perspective :) By the way Danny, he is especially proud to be doing something for 12for12K. He is at the age where there is a lot of talk about "the bad guys" and 12for12K has been a great way to teach him about the good guys... and that everyone can be a good guy (or "good goy" as Cole likes to say.
  • This. Is. Awesome.

    'Nuff said :)

    Oh, and tell Cole he is officially the 12for12k mascot for 2010 :)
  • hdueitt
    That is the cutest video. I have some big shoes to fill this afternoon. I challenge everyone now to do a snow angel for #12for12k and send us your video.

    Thanks Mike for keeping this going.
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