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January 24, 2010

Team CoCo – Whatcha Watchin?

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Friday night, Conan O’Brien said goodbye to “The Tonight Show” after seven roller coaster months and NBC after an illustrious run that included a stint writing “Saturday Night Live” and a long tenure hosting “Late Night.”

The farewell was extremely classy given all the public outrage.  Let’s face it, Conan was never more popular than when NBC wanted him gone.  He thanked the network for the opportunity to live his dream and generally seemed to enjoy the end of this sad saga.

As part of the deal, Conan can’t host a show until September…at the earliest.  This isn’t the time to discuss where he will go.  What I want to know is…Team CoCo – watcha watchin’ at 11:35pm now and why?  Here are your options:

- David Letterman – The “forefather” of Conan’s current position.  He parlayed being shunned by NBC into a lucrative career with CBS.

- Nightline – A staple newsmagazine on ABC.  (No self-pleasuring wildlife or crass hand puppets on this show…)

- Jay Leno – The old/new “Tonight Show” host returns after the Olympics.  He WAS #1 in late night before he was replaced with Conan.

- Re-runs – Most local markets run popular syndicated re-runs, like “Seinfeld” or “The Simpsons” at 11:35pm.

- Colbert Report – Comedy Central’s parody of Bill O’Reilly is definitely a favorite in my household.  Plus, with the speedskating  tie-in, it should be entertaining over the next several weeks.

- Other – There is an entire cableverse of options, right?

Whatcha watchin??

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  • Let's be honest, I'm not watching live TV at 11:35 pm. I'm catching up on Hulu.
  • Sheema Siddiqi
    If I was in the US, I'd be watching the Colbert Report! Letterman is not funny, and while I like Jay Leno, I don't like the part he played in Conan's exit and he needs to move on!
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