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Social Media Slim-Down

December 30, 2009

Social Media Slim-Down

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It’s not even January 1 and the scale is not too kind.  A season of splurging in food after my wedding, eating my way through Thailand and several large orders of movie popcorn wrecked havoc on my waistline.

And I know I’m not alone.  We all gain weight during the holidays.

Blame the Thanksgiving stuffing, candy dishes, Mint Chocolate M&Ms (I do!), carb-loaded meals, they all add up to give us 6-8 weeks of gross eating habits.  And, as the weather turns unbearable in many parts of the world, exercise just doesn’t happen.  (My poor dog rarely gets a good morning or evening walk these days!)

However, we can lose the weight and we can do it together.

So I came up with the Social Media Slim-Down!  (#SMSD, for the Twitter types!)  This is the first all-electronic weight-loss support group for anyone and everyone!

I am NOT a trainer or a diet/weight-loss expert, I’m just a guy looking to drop 15-20 lbs. before beach season.  I feel like a “before” photo…and I’m sure I look like one, too.

Here are the guidelines:

1) I don’t care what you weigh.  Don’t tell me.  Don’t want to know.

2) DM me on Twitter () or send me an email () on Monday morning with how much weight you lost that week.  For record-keeping purposes, I’ll maintain a database with each person’s weight loss, but will not make it public, unless you want me to share your number.

3) First weigh-in will be Monday, January 4 (use today as your base day, sorry for the short week!)

4) I’ll tally up the results and share how much weight was lost each week.

5) You can join in at any time!  Invite friends and family to join in, even if they aren’t on any social media networks.  All I need is the weight loss each week!

6) Please use pounds as measurements!  My conversion skills are horrific.

7) If enough people are interested, we can do events in various cities!

Who will join me in this on-going campaign?

Follow the Slim-Down on , too!

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