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September 21, 2009

Photo in the Women's Restroom

My office is a townhouse building, so it is constructed much like a home, down to the restrooms, which are “onesies.”

I was informed by a coworker that someboy had posted a photo of me and my wife in the women’s restroom.

Overcome with curiousity (why would someone do that? was it a good picture? etc…) I went downstairs to check out the evidence.

If you (women only) walk into the restroom and sit on the commode, this is what you’ll see:


I’m thankful that the perp used a great picture of the both of us.  But I still can’t get over that the location of the photo means it is being viewed during times I would not wish to be seen – or have Marisa being seen, for that matter.

(For the record, I’m not mad at all.  Just really curious why someone would post THIS photo in THAT location.)

Anyone have thoughts?  Insight?  Reaction?  Confession?

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