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June 16, 2009

Real Housewives – A Male Perspective

I watch a lot of trashy TV.  I work in PR and my fiance works in the TV industry, so we both want/need to stay current with pop culture.

Last year, we were sitting around watching TV.  I had some work to take care of on my laptop, so Marisa turned on “Real Housewives of New York.”  Begrudgingly, I followed along, paying half-attention to the rants, raves and dramas of rich women living in luxury.

Bethenny, my all-time favorite real housewife (even though she isnt married)

Bethenny, my all-time favorite "real" housewife (even though she isn't married)



I believe I spent that entire first episode saying, “I can’t believe I’m watching this [dung]!”  But I watched.

A similar situation played out the next week, and I got stuck watching it again.

Pretty soon, I began to follow the *ahem* storyline of the reality TV show and even found a favorite (Bethenny, of course!).

Following that season, we watched the Atlanta season…which was crazier than anything I’d seen before.  And then we watched Season 2 of New York.  In just a matter of weeks, I had become a “Real Housewives” junkie!  

The previews for the New Jersey season did a terrific job at whetting the appetite, teasing the absolute crazy!

Needless to say, the show has delivered on the hype!

So far we have:

 - A trainwreck of a mess who has been engaged 19 times and dated a man about half her age (who looked as old as she did!) for most of the season

 - Husbands who are business partners….yet one doesn’t want to be shown on TV…hmmm….

 - A wife who doesn’t appear to ever see her husband

 - A nice couple desperately trying to get pregnant

 - A wife who gets her “bubbies” enlarged, even though she doesn’t really want it and her husband doesn’t care

 - The revelation that all but one of the housewives has fake bubbies

 - The cougar hitting on one of the other wives’ sons

 - Daughers being raised to be their mothers

 - A 5-year old trying to become a model.  That’s what she wants, of course.

 - A family unraveling because of the cougar

 - See an out-of-print book where the cougar’s mugshot is featured, along with sordid tales of her past

Add all of those things in, and you can clearly see why this tops my current Trash TV Top Three:

1. Real Housewives of the New Jersey

2. Kendra

3. Daisy of Love

On tonight’s season finale, we’ll see Teresa’s new rack, find out of Jacqueline is actually pregnant and see all of the cast at a TOTALLY SPONTANEOUS dinner party, despite the fact several members hate each other.  Will they hug it out?  Will there be physical altercations?  Will the new bubbies pop?  I’ll be watching.  And the ratings say that you’ll probably be watching, too.

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