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June 2, 2009

Do we need to protect reality TV contestants?

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I saw this article from the UK Guardian about Susan Boyle checking into a clinic for “exhaustion” after the “Britain’s Got Talent” finale, which the rags-to-almost-riches ne’er-been-kissed  (over 65 million views!) lost to a dance troupe.

A doctor treating her suggested that production companies need to prepare the contestants better for the instant fame they’ll receive.

Isn’t instant fame the REASON people sign up for these shows?  Isn’t the goal to become a star on national/international TV and make googobs worth of money?  

Simon Cowell told Adam Lambert on the final performance show on American Idol this past season that the

Bikini Girl (pre-implants)

Bikini Girl (pre-implants)

goal of the show was to find an international superstar…and they did with him.  Lambert auditioned for theshow to be that person…and presumably everyone else did the same.  Hell, Bikini Girl couldn’t sing a lick  and we all know her!

I think that the REAL protection reality stars need is from themselves.  Anyone remember Ruthie from The Real World – Hawaii?  Anyone remember her passed out drunk in…oh…EVERY EPISODE?

And what about the newest trash show on the block, Daisy of Love?  

You’ve got a TRAINED Mixed Martial Arts fighter…a TRASHED trained MMA fighter, no less, going crazy on another contestant…in the name of loving Oscar de la Hoya’s baby cousin!


No, we don’t need psychological testing for contestants on handling the fame.  Maybe some drug tests, but really…if people sign up to live the life of a reality TV star and then don’t like it, isn’t it their fault?  Don’t blame the production company for Susan Boyle having a breakdown…she walked on the stage and sang her heart out.  The world fell in love with her, which was the point of the contest.  

And that’s The Buzz.

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