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June 2, 2009

Dissecting My DVR

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I believe you can tell a lot about a person by what TV shows they watch…or record.  Here are the shows on my DVR…and you can judge me for yourself!

1. LOST – Best drama on TV.

2. House – Love, love, love this show.

3. Heroes – Former favorite show, but I think it jumped the shark.

4. Real Housewives of New Jersey – The one WITHOUT the rumored mob ties had a mug shot in a book.  And she has been engaged 19 times!  If you aren’t watching this show, you are missing high-quality entertainment.


5. The Office – Very hit-or-miss, but when it hits, holy mother of pearl!

6. The Soup – The weekly must-see to keep up to speed on trash TV.  Joel McHale is the man.  CHICKEN TETRAZZINI!


7. Gossip Girl – This is Marisa’s show.  All I know is that Lil Jenny is cool…or something.

8. True Blood – Can’t wait for this to come back later this month.  It’s a steamy, sexy, scary mystery show wrapped with vampire mythology and hilarious rednecks.  Truth be told, if Balki was a girl, he would have been named Sookie Stackhouse Levy Schaffer.


9. Daily Show/Colbert Report – Nightly laugh-fests.  I honestly watch about 1/5 of the shows, but they are nice to have, just in case there is nothing on.

10. 30 Rock – Watch for Kenneth


11. Smallville – <– Superman fan.

12. American Idol – I got hooked on Season 3.  Favorite performance ever on the show:


Second favorite:


13. My Boys – Completely underrated TBS sitcom.  Not appointment viewing, but when you want to kill 22 mins on a Saturday, pop it on!

14. Dollhouse – Eliza Dushku’s hotness may not save this show from being axed…

15. Head Case – Completely off-beat show on Starz…Ali Wentworth is a strange lady.

16. Sushi Pack – Saturday morning kids cartoon.  It’s terrific…not for kids at all.


17. All WWE and TNA programming – Duh.

So that’s what I’ve got…what’s on your DVR??  Post below!

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