2018~19 New Barcelona Second Away Kits

First Barcelona away shirt leads spectators to the honorable stimulating history and reminds people of a great player contributing to the team, Nick sticks to the design idea that combining the distinguished element with the jersey, resulting in the second one. New Barcelona 18-19 second away shirt is revealed by Nick and Barcelona. This time, new jersey draw fans’ attention back to the city of Barcelona, the birthplace where the club booming as well, by builds a strong connection between the salient pattern on the shirt and a wonderful view from the city.

The pattern at the front derives from the aerial view of the Eixample. The Eixample, which means ‘expansion’ or ‘Expansion District’, is a district of Barcelona between the old city (Ciutat Vella) and what were once surrounding small towns (Sants, Gràcia, Sant Andreu etc.), constructed in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The Eixample is characterized by long straight streets, a strict grid pattern crossed by wide avenues and square blocks with chamfered corners.

As same as the Diagonal Avenue dividing the whole Eixample, a sash crossing from left shoulder to right bottom cuts the jersey in two parts. The darker red catercorner fade out into pastel pink, which seems to indicate the archaic architecture is infiltrated by a modern atmosphere. Square blocks, like the buildings in Eixample, hazily appears on the sash. Comparison between the dark and bright shows club’s decision to move further in the future with the memorable glory of both team and city

The reference to physical place had already been adopted for the creation for the 2018/2019 home uniform (10 vertical stripes as many as the city’s districts), and as explained also by the Nike Football Apparel Senior Design Director, Pete Hoppins, who said that “the football club is part of the fabric of Barcelona; its influence is visible in every avenue and plaza, and that passion really inspired the team’s 2018-19 collection”.

The relationship between the city and club is intimate. The club owns its crest at its birthday. The original crest is the Coat of arms of Barcelona with an additional laurel and a bat, surrounded by the name and establishment date. In 1910, the club provided a chance among its members by holding a competition to design a new crest. The winner was Carles Comamala, who at the time is a player of the club. Comamala’s suggestion became the prototype of the crest that the club wears today. The crest is somehow modified with the development of the club however fundamental elements keep unaltered. Nowadays, The crest consists of the St George Cross in the upper-left corner with the Catalan flag beside it. At the bottom is the colors red and blue representing the club, and a football pattern is prominent in the center.

Things always change. The historic architectures in Eixample will fade out as well as the emblem will be modified constantly, but support from the city and honor of the club will remain as they used to be. No matter what performance the club will show, It is Barcelona, more than a club.

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