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Amy Nathan
Amy Nathan

Thanks for making this point Mike! My days are spent working with clients as a very active (freelance) digital marketing strategist, which includes social media (of course), so the last thing I want to do with my free time is build and maintain my own online footprint. However, one of the first requests I get from potential clients is for a link to my profile sites. Ummm...my personal pages are filled with my (not always professional) opinions and communication with friends...not necessarily the first impression I want to give to a prospective client. And certainly not marketed and maintained with my Klout score in mind. Why not just let my experience and skills speak for themselves. After all, I don't demand to see my mechanic's car before I'll let him work on mine. Or should I?

MikeSchaffer moderator

 @Amy Nathan Thanks for chiming in, Amy! The car/mechanic analogy is absolutely brilliant! The old saying about the cobbler's kids not having shoes can come into play here, too. Social media has blurred the personal/professional lines completely. We are in a position to present a 360-degree image to our professional contacts, who may have gotten, say, 45-degrees before. While this does have tremendous value, it's a fundamental change in privacy. Now, instead of respecting your private life, someone wonders what you are hiding.

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