The NFL has a serious problem on its hands. For years it has touted player safety as its primary concern. Obviously, the focus of that concern doesn't agree. The game of football is arguably the most violent (sanctioned) sport in the world. Whether its handing out penalties that truly make the offender feel the pain of an illegal hit or comically large helmets that sufficiently cushion the blows on the field, something must be done.


Some will argue that the UFC is far more violent than the NFL. I can buy that argument, but would ask this question. How many former UFC guys are suffering the ill effects of concussions and other injuries like NFL players are? Either the NFL is lying and doesn't care about its players, or the UFC is an organization to be modeled in the way it takes care of its athletes.

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 @MattLaCasse I see your point. The NFL has a major problem on the hands. It's a good start to ban helmet-to-helmet heads and add penalties/fines, but that's not going to be enough.  With regards to the UFC, the UFC has a lot less athletes and is a lot newer. I'm guessing the injury and concussion rates are fairly similar. It's just not in the public eye like the NFL is.

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 @MattLaCasse Excellent point. MMA fighters, even at the lower levels, fight every few weeks AT MOST. At the top levels, 1-3 times per year. That allows them enough time to heal properly after each altercation. Plus, those fights, at most, go for five five-minute rounds, right? Not punishing collisions over and over again for 16 out of 17 Sundays, plus six weeks of training and preseason and then a month (potentially) of post-season. 


Muhammad Ali said that the fights aren't what hurt him - it was the sparring.


We're thirsty for football (I definitely am), but when it turns into bloodthirst, we're in trouble.


 @MikeSchaffer Yes. I'm as thirsty for football as the next guy (though mine's more for the college game), but with what is happening with former NFL players, something MUST be done.


@jessicamalnik UFC is relatively new, but Mike is spot-on. Those athletes are allowed the proper time to heal; and I'm guessing their contracts can't be pulled out from under them like an NFL contract can. Junior Seau is the first name in this debate that has the potential to REALLY draw some attention. He was the face of "hard-hitting" NFL players for the better part of the 1990's. And now he's dead, by his own hand, because he couldn't deal with the mental issues that came along with concussions.

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