Mike I have a few beefs with Quora and have been underwhelmed thus far. I signed up for the site about six-seven months ago and gave it a good look. It was very useful for tech folks, but remained super tech heavy over the months. When questions relevant to what I am looking for are asked, there are a few good answers that are quickly drowned out by vendors (example here:http://espo4.me/dZNAQO). The service kind of reminds me of LinekedIn groups where you at least somewhat know and trust the people. To me wisdom of the crowds is not always the best, especially when folks can mask their identity and not disclose who they really are.

I also hate how my inbox has oodles of Quora followers now, and I thought Twitter was bad.

Many proponents of Quora note that it will be another avenue for companies to interact with their customers. My question to them is when does there become an oversaturation of customer portals? GetSatisfaction offers a great tool that integrates with company sites.

Social media is becoming the "Me Too space" whether its something like Dispora going after Facebook, Gowalla going after foursquare or a question engine, its a ton of crap cluttering our inbox.

Plus how many posts can we really have on how to pitch influencers such as Parr or Scobel?

Great work here, Mr. Esposito!

I definitely agree with the "Me Too" aspect of networks. Unfortunately for them, they come across like minor league versions. The old saying is that the customer is always right. Well, the customers have spoken, adopting Facebook as #1. And while us insiders love us some Twitter something fierce, it just doesn't have the national/global adoption...yet.

I look at it this way. In my kitchen at home, I have one sink, one freezer, one fridge, one toaster and one panini press (don't judge). I don't need multiple appliances to do the same thing. Same goes for social networks.

Interesting point about the junk answers overriding the quality ones. I've definitely noticed that, too. Wikipedia dealt with similar issues at the start, as well.

I feel bad for not including Diaspora in the post. Like Google Wave, they asked us out and I think we looked at our options and said, "no, we're cool."

Mike I love paninis so I don't judge.

While I see Quora having a niche audience, I don't see it getting critical mass because of one simple reason - Google, Yahoo and MSN all have answers tied to emails for the everyday questions in their Answers product. Hell you can even head to a search engine to see where to wash your dog. The others fall into niches that are already served by longstanding communities or blogs.

My biggest beef is that it is just more crap to keep an eye on. It also puts companies in a bad spot because it will offer yet another place that they have to keep an eye on for complaints. Transparency is one thing, realistically staffing is another. If Quora were to offer an enterprise addition similar to Get Satisfaction or another community styled company, it could get mass adoption, but for now I just don't see it.

Could I be wrong, sure but I just see too much clutter.

I also hate that to follow people back you have to refresh screens 80+ times... just painful.


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